[UPDATE: Called Family] Man Missing in Humboldt May Have ‘gotten in trouble with dangerous people’

UPDATE: Michael Mitchell has contacted family.

Original post: Michael Raymond Mitchell has been missing in Humboldt County for over a month. According to his brother, Mitchell left his home in Redding, CA on April 3rd “to work with his friend, Will, in Humboldt County somewhere, but has been out of contact since April 25th.”

Mitchell’s brother wrote, “His phone has been shut off, and we have no way to contact his “friend” with whom he had been working.”

Mitchell’s family is worried about his safety. According to his brother, “We are afraid he has gotten into trouble with dangerous people. A few years ago he had a breakdown and was delusional and paranoid for a period of time. We are worried that he may have lapsed into such an episode wherever he may be.”

Mitchell is 39 years old, and his brother explained that his hair has thinned more since the photo was taken.  If anyone happens to see him, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707 445-7251. Please reference Case # 201602810.

UPDATE 6:50 p.m. Monday: Michael Mitchell has contacted his family. He is all right and the people he is with are “actually very nice.”



  • I don’t know anything about this fellow, but it would not be at all unlikely that someone would be out of contact for a month at this time of year. If he went to work on a light dep scene, he could be holed up in an area without cell service and unable or unwilling to leave. If it is unusual for him to be out of contact, or he missed a scheduled contact, it might be a concern.

    • Super true. And its not unheard of for people to take a brief break from family and friends to find themselves after coming to Humboldt. I do hope it’s something innocent like that and his family hears from him soon!

  • Hoping, praying he turns up and calls family! Maybe his friend will be a friend — see this post — and call someone. Advice: Give someone your destination, and the phone numbers to your “friends” before you go to the hills.

  • i agree with Seamus . If he’s in a remote area he won’t have a means of communications and could be staying out for months at a time . Best wishes to the family . Anyone else planning these kind of work trips should leave their loved ones with more info . Like a contact in the area you are working other that your partners . If you are worried about disappearing you could always get a gps system made for hikers so loved ones can track you . It seems we have a lot of people coming for the green rush and they have little to no education on the industry. There are people who will work you then try to fuck you out of pay . Most of the time I would think that over projected yields cause these problems where people go missing . Someone promises them lots of dough to work projecting they will make way more than they eventually do . Then when it comes to split time the disgruntled worker gets agitated and stands up for themselves . Then the person who can’t pay now sees a threat to their scene and 2+2 = missing worker . I’m sure there are many variables to this scenario , but it probably plays out something like that .

    • Sleepy Alligator

      Exactly why I believe the only way to be fair to both employee and employer is to determine a percentage that both agree to and set that in stone before any work is started. That way no matter which way things go in the end both parties are affected equally. If they have a phenomenal year then they both benefit and if the man comes and chops all there shit they both lose. Now for the money grubbing property owners who want it all for themselves this method obviously wouldn’t work, but fuck those people anyway. I feel for the hardworking honest people who end up working for those kinds of dirtbags. I’m sure this County is littered with that type. I hope this man is safe and doesn’t end up on Humboldt’s long list of missing people.

      • hereforthetreesnottheweed

        Or perhaps legalize marijuana completely so this shit doesn’t happen anymore. Just a thought.

  • If my folks did this to me I would blow a fuse

    • like put out there he has had mental stuff.. who needs to know that. just say his family needed him to contact them. gezz luis.

  • Pretty sure he was at the riverwood yesterday

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