Fire Reported in Salmon Creek

Fire crews are responding to the report of a fire up Risky Way off of Thomas Road off of Salmon Creek Road. Fire crews are requested to stage at the bottom of Risky Way as of 10 p.m.

UPDATE 10:27 p.m.: Fire crews being sent home. They are unable to locate a fire.



  • What was that all about? Risky Way, eh???!!!!!

    • Good question! What did someone see and how did they see it at night? It was a surprise to read this morning that we had been at (potential) risk, but a big THANK YOU to everyone who left their comfortable homes to make sure it was okay.

      By the way, we named the road Risky Way 35 years ago because it is so narrow and steep with few turnouts, but kept the sign down for a long time at the request of our neighbor whose friends were afraid to drive up it!

  • Nuthing to see here folks. Move along……………………………….PHeeew!

  • Risky way is the newly concreted road to a Russian operation on the South Fork of Salmon Creek..
    You don’t suppose someone decided to harass them.?

    • My guess is that the bright light from some outbuilding caused someone to think there was a fire. Depending on angle and moisture in the air and type of light, the glow can look remarkably like a structure fire. We’ve had multiple in the last couple of years.

    • For clarification, it is also the driveway of a local retired dentist who is NOT a grower.

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