Toddler with Burns From a Campfire Brought From Hoopa to St. Joe’s

scanner-150x150The report of a toddler with burns to chest and neck in the Hoopa area had emergency personnel scrambling to respond around 2 p.m. today. An ambulance transported the one-and-a-half-year-old girl to St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka. As of 3:30 p.m., the family hasn’t received a report on how she is doing.

According to a family member, the child fell into a campfire and was pulled out quickly. Our hearts are with the family.

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  • Ah no.hoping for a good outcome.praying for this child

  • Campfire burns at 2 p.m.? Seems that would be a bit warm in hoopa

  • Prayers going up for the child and family.

  • Prayers saved my big brother when in church and fell against a barrel stove face first ,no scars. Prayers will help. higher power protect this child please.amen

  • I’m praying not only for this precious child but also for the family who must feel like they are responsible for this accident.
    May there not only be healing but also strength for the family to endure this terrible incident.

  • The child should be immediatly transported to Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Sacramento for the burn unit. Contact a Shriner soon.

  • Contact me for information.

  • There is no cost to the child or parents. We will pay their way down there from our transportation fund

  • I love my daughter very much! And it wasn’t a camp fire we were just cooking hamburgers on a small coal bed, we are on our way to Sacramento to UC Davis burn center to treat the 1st and 2nd degree burns that are on her left hand, elbow and knee. We live in Orleans, thank you all for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts!

  • Accidents happen,my daughter at 2 fell into our wall heater hands first.she had 2 and 3rd degree burns she had water jet therapy for 6 months and she’s fine now no damage and no scar’s.we did everything to keep her from that,we put barriers and fire screens but she still fell right into it.Accidents happen!!take care and you have a good community of support around you god bless

  • Last year my little dude was burned. He was flown to Redding then flown to Shriner’s in Sac. Such a wonderful hospital. I’m so very thankful it’s there. So sorry this happened Alex. I had a lot of fun making friends with your little gal Sat.

  • This happened to my son when he was 3. I felt so guilty and horrible! But accidents do happen. I hope she heals fully and completely!

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