Survivor Drives From Sacramento to Attend Fundraiser for Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue Team

Southern Humboldt Tech Rescue

The former victim enjoying life with Aurora Studebaker and Diana Totten of Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue.

A survivor of one of the most dramatic rescues in Southern Humboldt history just drove all the way from Sacramento to support the crew who helped get him to a waiting helicopter. Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue team  has their biggest fundraiser of the year today at the Garberville Square. And, the former victim came to let them know how much he appreciates them.

“He is just so thankful to be alive,” explained Diana Totten the public information officer for the group. Last April while running the Lost Coast Trail the man fell down a cliff and into an area being swallowed by the incoming tide.

Local folks carried the terribly injured man (multiple breaks and a punctured lung) out of the tide zone but because of the fog neither of the two helicopters sent to rescue him could land. So Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue team members hiked down the beach as dark fell and waves slapped around them. They picked up the man in a special litter and carried him as he passed in and out of consciousness for hours up the trail in the dark to a place the helicopter could land.

This team was there for him and they’ll be there for you and your loved ones if you need them.

Can you support them now? Head on down to the Garberville until 8 p.m. to eat some good food, listen to some great music and help out some heroes.

UPDATE: Photos from Fauna Harmon of today’s fundraiser.

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  • Most excellent example of humanity at work. Thanks for this, to all – not the least of which is those pictured. Thanks. af

  • Darn it, I couldn’t make it today to Garberville. Do they have a mailing address ?

  • A seriously amazing group of folks!!! Do they have an account at the credit union folks can donate to?
    These folks really do contribute in so many ways, including repelling into illegal garbage dumps and pulling up things like old cars 🙂

  • good stuff, thanks!!

  • I couldn’t be at the event today, either, but would like to contribute. If there’s an account at CCU for them, would someone please let us know so we can let them know how much we appreciate what they do?

  • Folks like this make us all a lot safer! It’s so easy to get caught out on a limb around here. It’s good to know that there’s someone who might climb up and get you down. Thanks guys!

  • One Hella awsome group!!I’m so glad you all live here,and belong to us!!!you are the angels of rescue

  • So glad to see Miles in such fit shape. I met him 2 years ago when he trained with my daughter Joan to do a 50 mile run in the Folsom Lake area. He was very inspiring and am not surprised that he chose not to let an unfortunate event dominate his life. He is amazing. Good for you and the crew for your fabulous work

  • One Hella awsome group!!I’m so glad you all live here,and belong to us!!!you are the angels of rescue.thanks for all your hard work and . dedication to our family’s and Rock on!!!!!

  • Barbara L Fisher

    Oh, I am so very happy to see Diana being honored ‘again’. She is my daughter and has been one of the most amazing ladies I have ever seen.

    Remembering when she was about 4 years old. She was out in the back yard digging in the dirt. She called out to me; she had a worm in her hand, and she said ‘Mom I’m Going To Eat This Worm’. I panicked thinking it might be ‘poison’, and ran out to keep her from eating the ‘worm’,…

    ……she has been the greatest, most loving and talented ‘lady’. I am so very proud to say that ‘I am her Mom’. Life has always been an adventure to her…always looking beyond and seeing places and things that most all of us missed.

  • Thanks so much for posting this story! I love this group and rarley can read about their stories without tearing up a little. I donated a portion of my WMAF booth proceeds to them. My SMAF donation goes to the Wildlife center but I’m still gonna give to these guys/girls whenever I can. They are so EPIC!!!!

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