[UPDATE 3:32 p.m. Fire Contained] Smoke and Flames Visible Coming From Behind a Structure on Broadway

Fire trucks responded to the 2500 block of Broadway Street in Eureka in Samoa at 3:10 p.m., according to scanner traffic. Smoke and flames were reported from behind a structure there. The first truck on the scene reported a 30 x 30 burning spot.

(An earlier map incorrectly showed Broadway in Eureka.)
UPDATE 3:24 p.m.: According to the Incident Commander on the scanner the flames have now approximately 50′ x 50′. There is a slow rate of spread. A hose line is about halfway around the fire at this point.

UPDATE 3:32 p.m.: “I have fire contained,” reports the Incident Commander on the scanner about 3:32 p.m.
Thanks to Brittany Powell of Eureka Police Department for her help accurately depicting where the fire was located.


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