Recognize These Blatant Thieves and Their Distinctive Truck?

Capture4Wednesday, Dazey’s Supply in Redway was the victim of three quick and lucky thieves. About 3:45 in the afternoon, two men in the cab of a mid 90’s 2WD Ford pickup that had been spray painted olive green parked in front of the store. A third man crouched in the back under a canopy that was 10 to 12 inches too long for the pickup and strapped on with orange tie downs.

CaptureAfter scoping out the place. The men quickly muscled a Honda EU7000 generator into their truck and raced off with the tailgate still down and the man inside the canopy holding it in. They were spotted but escaped heading south on Redwood Drive before they could be stopped.

The men are described as in their thirties, white and around 6 foot tall. One was wearing “Buddy Holly glasses.”

If you have information about the men or the vehicle, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251.CaptureCapture3




  • You would think that with the millions Dazey is making he would have state-of-art surveillance cameras.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Pretty blazing bold of the asshole thieves.

  • Top paragraph, line 4: should be “too long”

  • Talk about a distinctive vehicle!

  • I think I saw that truck when I was in Eureka last Tuesday

  • They probably tweek from garb to mckville

  • It’s grow season. Going to see a lot more of this kinda crap. Lock down your generators and atvs people. Go proactive……. Stop illegal immigrants and growing. …..

    • How does this have anything to do with illegals?!? [edit]

      • It has to do with illegals with the fact that legal immigrants have some support group helping them assimilate into society, as the illegals are without and must respond to stealing and drug dealing to survive. You are assuming a negative when the post was just stating facts. Please vote to control our borders. Thank you.

    • Troy Johnson doesn’t sound like a Native American name. What tribe are you from since you surley are not an ancestor of immigrants!!

  • Same haircut different decade

    Whats crazy is there are coos fucking everywhere around here yet people get away with assanine rookie bullshit.. I see at least two cop every time I drive to town from be bow. At least. And they can’t catch a guy in a no traffic lite town with one major highways running thru it. Chp and the sheriff need to communicate better, but I don’t think any of them give a shit except their paycheck. And why do they all ha e the same bad haircut? Go catch some fucking thriving bad guys. There are blaten heroin and drug dealers and runners all day in garberville and these cops can’t dontwont do shit about it. Worst police ever

  • We saw that truck down just past the Co op in eureka last week. Kind of close to the soup kitchen. We both laughed and joked it should be on the “Only in Humboldt” FB page.

  • Welcome to Scumboldt County! Nothing but thieves and tweaks! This place SUCKS!!!

    • I take it you’ve been skipping the good news section and only reading the bad stuff? That’s hard on the soul. Take a look at the Southern Humboldt Technical Rescue team if you just want to feel better about the world.

    • Oh my word. I have lived here since 1984. There have always been thieves, murders, weird effing shit that has gone down. Heroin and meth and freebase just huge in the eighties.

      Look to beauty. Protect yourselves for sure but I just can’t get down with doomsday talk. It isn’t worse. It just is. It isn’t Shangri-la

    • I won’t try to sell you on the area. Please just get the hell out, and take a few of your friends with you — if you have any.

  • So. Hums version of the A-Team! “I pity the Fool!”

  • It’s time to take matters into our own hands.i won’t shoot anybody but I have no prob,whacking someone upside the head with my Nine club if you steal from me.dont come to my house again you won’t leave the same way you frigging sick of this SHIT.we need more law.for about 6 months to run these drifters outta here (trying to be kind)if we make it tuff on them enough they’ll move on and keep going it’s a big world Lotta other places to go

  • Knuckleheads watched too many heist films and this is what they came up with.

  • Dazeys has insurance .I hear they made 50 million last year .I also head a rumor the place is being sold to rich outsiders ,

  • I hope they sell Dazeys for $100 million, as Steve has worked hard his whole life, going to college than moving here and starting from scratch, no bail out or government money for him, he did it the hard way, with elbow grease, unlike the layabouts now days. Get off the government tit and get busy, you can do it.
    You know whats hard ? walking around So. Hum. every day looking for money to buy your Meth. take that energy and put it to something of value.
    Also I am not Steve Dazey.

    • I agree, as my land was bought with weaving and peddling my weaving, with 12 hour days…it could be done 50 years ago, but for youngsters today, I’m not so sure.
      Back then, I paid $80 month for a little house in the Mission, utilities included. I ate commodity food. I had one change of clothes suitable to go store-to-store selling my work, using the Muni, which cost a quarter to go anywhere in the City. No movies, no concerts, no beer. Unless a friend had a spare toke, no pot, either. Every dime I earned was accounted for and either saved or reinvested in my “business.” It took a year to amass the down payment of $800, and $K to build and live on for the first year. (Land being $125 an acre.)
      Can this success story be duplicated today? I doubt that very much, and I wish I could think of some meaningful way to help our young out of the hole we dug for them. af

      • Great comment.

      • Someone I know went up to Washington in fall to pick apples and earned enough for the down payment. Another bought land in Whale Gulch for fifty dollars down and fifty dollars a month. Back then popular ideals of, “small is beautiful”, and “live simply so others may simply live”, had meaning. Laughable right? Now-a-days we have a boom town economy. The only people that can afford land are ones that already own a big truck, trailer, Kubota, ect. ect. Along with all the Big Spenders comes ripoffs and bottom feeders. Just like in the Gold Rush, it’s the man selling picks and shovels that laughs all the way to the bank. So sad, about the generator that is.

        • True story about “picking apples” for a down payment. But most of the “live simply” people have made a lot of money over the years and didn’t keep living that simple.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            Search “American Dream.” See what you get. Have an achievable dream. Study hard, work hard. Start simple. Work hard, save money. Be a good person. Achieve success and enjoy that success. Work on that Humboldt Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide: year 5 – sheet rock, year 10 – flush toilet, etc. if you work hard and have a little luck, you have a nicer place and a comfortable retirement. Or maybe WAY nicer. BFD. With money, you can go eco-crazy on sewage disposal and water conservation.

            My fear is that today’s youth will not be able to achieve middle class, or better, status. Please vote, it does matter.

        • Ya, I don’t think so. That land lasted about five minutes before it was bought up.
          Then moved onto another broken up ranch that got bought up that quickly dried up the supply of available land.
          Being a city dweller with no experience making a living off the land and an inheritance waiting would naturally describe their journey as ” living simply so others may live “.
          Then the taxes come due and then the truck breaks down and then,…..well you know.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        By the time I discovered Bob McKee, land was already up to $250 or $350 an acre. With help from my dad, I got one of the last parcels on one of his subdivisions. Jumped on it. McKee made sure every parcel, no matter how steep, had at least one building flat and water. One of the best decisions of my wild youth. The hills were crawling with deer and pigs. Felt like Boone in Cain-tuckee or Kenton on the Scioto. OK, I was buzzed, but what a time to be young in SoHum. Thanks, Bob.

        As for these thieving devils, someone knows who they are and where they are and they need to be shunned, exiled, and “frozen” out of the community. A phone-in to the police is morally and ethically defensible. They’ll rip you off, first chance they get, same tactic.

    • Same haircut different decade

      Yep now he’s made millions selling holes in the earth and plastic wrapped b.s. that no real farmer would ever need or but. What an outstanding guy. Cause money makes you good. Right. The ultimate green rushers own the high priced stores. I am actual farmer/rancher and we ship else wear in the county that understands a farmer and pot grower are different. . The 20% discount at dazeys is the same price you pay at persons and the 20% at chataqua the same as base price in eureka coop and natty food store. The other crooks. No wonder there is no affordable housing , cuz only well off people can live here it seems, at least live well

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Check out Western Farm Press to see how wrong you are. Big Ag uses all sorts of stuff and junk. If grapes and tobacco are are farming, so is weed. I get that you hate pot. Fair enough.

        • Same haircut different decade

          I’m talking about about teal land stewardship. Real sustainable farming. In my opinion big ag is not land stewardship and not good farming. It is rape. And listening to stone pot growers say they are sustainable farmers is bs when they are buying all this dirt and soil. The real farmers I know only buy 30 or so bags to mix with their compost for starts and then nature does the rest. It’s time to redefine these terms that get used so loosely around here. It’s time to stop wasting and now cannabis will become even more wasteful than all the trash it’s already produced. So yea, big ag already produced all the plastic trash and bs and now we’re adding one more thing to the mix. Thank God there are so many vineyards cuz ima hafta get drunk through this year and they are still ripping every one off in so hum.. so how do I get on the ins and get the super heady discount?

    • LOL Yeah, selling to criminals is “working hard.” Supporting criminal growers and the habits they feed, “working hard.” All grower businesses deserve BOYCOTTS, not praise. Fine society ….

      • If you are going to boycott all businesses that serve growers in Humboldt…you best drive to Santa Rosa. I can’t think of a single business that doesn’t benefit from the money brought in by marijuana. Money from growers benefits all the businesses I can think of including this one–those ads come from businesses getting money from growers–and most of the non-profits (some churches may not benefit directly–although I’d be willing to bet more of them do than you think.)

  • Probably primer black by now.

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