Dumping Your Car in Eureka? EPD Is Going to Track You Down

Press release from Eureka Police:

The Eureka Police Department has received reliable information that people are deliberately dumping their junk, project, or crashed vehicles on public streets knowing the volunteer abatement team will address the issue and remove the vehicle.

Dumping vehicles on city streets will not be tolerated and is a violation of both the Eureka Municipal Code and the California Vehicle Code and punishable by a fine. The California Vehicle Code states the abandonment of any vehicle will be presumed to have been conducted by the last registered owner of record.

Additionally, the abatement team responds regularly to the street in front of John’s Used Cars and Wreckers for cars that have been dumped. While this is a dismantling center, it is not a free dump zone for your vehicles. There are proper ways to dispose of a vehicle and a local dismantler can help you with ensuring proper procedures are followed.

In an effort to curb this trend, the Eureka Police Department is going to actively follow-up with the registered owner of abandoned vehicles and seek out charges or fines for the removal.

The Eureka Police Department is committed to making Eureka a better city, a cleaner city, a city that we all can be proud of. We ask that you continue to call in all suspicious behavior. If you know who owned or dumped a vehicle, report it. (707) 268-5232 is the Eureka Police Volunteer Abatement line or (707) 441-4044 for non-emergency dispatch.

We wonder if EPD can be persuaded to deal with SoHum’s dumped vehicles….like this one.
car (1 of 1)



  • Why should EPD care? SoHum needs to take care of its own crap. SoHum seems to care about law enforcement only on its own terms, and wants to dictate the LEO priorities.

    Sorry folks, it don’t work that way.

    • Hmmm, apparently SoHum humor isn’t appreciated…

      • If only it had been funny, it WOULD have been appreciated. But the consistent theme I hear out of SoHum is “why don’t we get better enforcement” for those laws that we want enforced, but leave us alone on the other laws?

        • Well, I suspect we aren’t that much different than anyone else with that. I hear speeders whine about being stopped when there are drunk drivers, drunk drivers whine about being stopped when there are speeders, etc.

          But this wasn’t really intended to poke at EPD. They, of course, are only responsible for Eureka. This was meant as a sort of general poke–at those who dump the cars, at those who trash them, and ultimately, set them on fire as well as at the vehicle abatement program for being unable to deal with the problem.

          Most of all it was about having a photo of an abandoned vehicle in SoHum and none of one in Eureka.

    • Geez, someones a little sensitive about county law enforcement priorities. 🙂

  • God I hate that car. What a eye sore, but it’s kind of a representation of what’s going on around here.

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Hey Kym, SOME people just doesn’t have a sense of humor or else they just can’t see past the end of their nose. Agreed??

  • This is the only good thing about the graphic:
    One can DONATE unwanted vehicles to KMUD and get a tax credit for disposing of it to a non-profit organization, like KMUD.
    Even if tax deductions are of no value to you, your still get rid of it at someone else’s gain, in this case KMUD.
    No fees, no fines, no hassles. The recovery folks come and get it. No effort, no papers, any condition, running or not.
    Please people, get a clue. af

  • Ya I just saw a guy getting sobriety tests in front of redway shop smart I counted 5 squad car s all chp just for that. on my way down I did 70 mph ,and I was getting passed buy people doing at least 80 no cops they were all in Redway busting a dui . Lame

  • veterans friend

    After they lure you here with a fake trim job ad

  • What a waste of KMUD stickers

  • GO EPD!!

    They addressed abandoned two cars, in my neighborhood, this week!

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Take a drive down Avenue of the giants or over the hill to Honeydew. I counted 15 and 5 vehicles in the last couple weeks there. Plus a couple trailers on Mattole Rd. Vehicles are everywhere and we are fast becoming regarded as the West Coast version of West Virginia, just with more weed.

  • Kym, I’ve often suggested that “the press” (and you certainly qualify) post photos of these piles and a reward fund could be established to pay for identification of the dumpers. I know I would recognize a junker if it sat in my neighbor’s yard and would happily rat them out if I found out they had left it on the road for someone else to deal with. For others, waving a reward under their nose for incentive will work. I’m pretty sure the wrecking yards will take junked vehicles if people would just be responsible enough to take them there.

  • I doubt sohum people are hauling junk cars all the way to eureka when they can dump them down there way easier, doesn’t make sense

  • Most charities and scrap yards not to mention sheriffs want take a car without tidal paperwork. That’s why most of them end up on the side of the road.

  • “[T]he Eureka Police Department is going to actively follow-up with the registered owner of abandoned vehicles and seek out charges or fines for the removal.”

    Wow! Now. if only they had thought of that sooner…

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