Dog Finds Human Remains Suspected to Be Missing Covelo Man

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Human remains found in the Covelo area yesterday are believed to be that of Timothy Sweeting. He is missing and presumed dead after witnesses reported he was assaulted by Joshua Richard Ruoff. Ruoff has been arrested in New Hampshire. (See further details here.)

Below is a press release from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office about yesterday’s find:

On 06-02-2016 at about 6:30 AM, a caller in the 23500 block of Road 337D (Charlie Hurt Highway) in Covelo, called to report suspicious dog activity where possible human remains had been unearthed.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputies and Detectives from the Investigative Services Bureau responded and identified human remains in a significant grave site.



This grave site was located in proximity to the residence processed as a crime scene in connection with Timothy William Sweeting’s disappearance.

Due to the nature of the grave, and the condition of the remains, Anthropologists from the California State University at Chico Anthropology Department were called in to assist in the excavation of the remains.

At this time, the remains have not been positively identified but are suspected to be that of Timothy William Sweeting.

A forensic autopsy has been scheduled for 06-03-2016.

Earlier Chapter: A Murder and a Missing Body in Mendocino: Sheriff’s Office Seeking Answers



  • veterans friend

    How very sad for all. Lives lost and ruined forever. So young, so sad

  • How random is that; perp gets arrested, short time later dog finds remains…?


  • Sad but glad he is found for the family another casualty of the black market in my mind no doubt .

  • It was a personal dispute between the two of them that lead to this, and lets remember that men have killed each other for way less than weed, sometimes even…over women.

    • That guy who attacked Timmy is bitch made

      • I agree, if he was your friend Im sorry for your loss, the guy who did it looks like a real p.o.s and i hope prison isnt kind to him.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Thank you for the mysoginist update, unless you are attempting sarcasm. Still, a crappy comment, sarcastic or not. This is in ref. To your weed and women comment. What a charmer.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Regardless of the “why” one man chose to kill another, the family and friends of the victim will grieve his loss. And the killer’s family will also be deeply burdened by the knowledge that their son, brother, or cousin killed another. Sad also for the property owner who discovered the grisly grave. May the investigators find the evidence needed for a conviction.

  • I am glad he was found. RIP.

  • That was quick. I’m A bit surprised the cops didn’t find em w cadaver dogs but they can’t be expected to make every connection.
    Think that spells trouble for the kid in NH as if the witnesses weren’t enough.

  • I feel horrible for Tim’s family and hope that the remains are his so they can proceed with the process and find out what exactly happened.

    I am curious as to what they mean by “a significant grave site”.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    So, the body was close to the vic’s home all along? Nobody bothered to search the area with a grid search and dog, like on TV? Another thorough and dedicated missing person investigation just like always in So Hum and Mendo.

  • Seneca Falls Strong

    So sad to hear of Tim’s passing. He was always a great kid growing up. He had a ready smile for everyone and a great sense of humor. He loved sports and played from a young boy up through high school. He not only had a large family here in NY but the entire community is like a large extended famy to all kids here. We are all devestated and trying to understand how we lost another one of our extended family members. No parent should have to go through what Bill & Laurie are dealing with. May you rest in peace Tim.

  • The “witness” doesn’t call the police till more than a day later??!!! Josh Ruoff left to move on the 18th yet a person who is listed as a suspicious missing persons’ vehicle isn’t found till the 19th……in plain sight on Mendocino pass highway parked on the side of the road in plain sight less than a mile from the crime scene…..mind you the road Mendocino county sheriffs dept has to take that road to get to the property. So you mean to tell me the victims car was parked there in plain sight for well over a day (with his dog inside) with cops driving past it and they just didn’t notice……….this is a set up you can smell from a mile away. I feel immense sympathy for what Tim’s family must be going through, but aside from this story not adding up at all Josh is a close friend of mine and he is an extremely good person sitting in jail for the past 2 months for a crime that he is innocent of.

  • Wow! Really Ms. Betournay? Someone has lost their life. Someone has lost their son. And you’re so self centered and selfish that you’re going to sit here and really tell us that this piece of dog sh*t is innocent because of what you think? Do you really think that even though he was seen beating the man with a Blount object that what you’ve stated in the above comment would make anyone think he is innocent. [edit]

  • Anonymous Alice

    Um ok so I actually know this Lisa girl that’s claiming he is innocent. I tended bar at a bar she managed for s short time. She spent more time chasing men around than doing her job and got fired cause she basically sunk the place into the ground. Anyway, What Lisa is not telling you is that she met that guy on the Internet and started dating him right away. Then one day she said they broke up because he assaulted her with a knife and threw her all over her house in a fight. This kid is definitely guilty. 100% and I think it’s actually pretty gross that after she told everyone she hated him for what he did to her, now that he’s been picked up for murder, shes all the sudden acting like she cares for him? I’m not sure what kind of psychological problems a person must have to behave like this but it’s absolutely twisted. She went around telling everyone how she was done w him and hated him and now she’s pretending they are friends for Internet attention. Nice life! How could you be so selfish? What if that man had children? Brothers? Sisters? A mans life was taken and all you care about is being involved? I regret ever even meeting this girl. I’m disgusted. My condolences to the family that lost their loved one.

    • You really gotta get over your bizarre little obsession with me Jamie, it’s unhealthy and frankly quite sad

  • A warning to those of you involved in greed, along with abuse of alcohol and drugs (legal and/or not):

    “EWE reap what you sew!”

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