Paving Coming for Hydesville, Eureka, and McKinleyville

county roads

Image from County Roads in 2015

Press release from Humboldt County Department of Public Works:

The Humboldt County Department of Public Works working with American Pavement Systems, Inc will be resurfacing County roads in Hydesville, Eureka, and McKinleyville on June 8th, 10th, 13th, and 14th.

  • Temporary road closures or restrictions to travel and traffic, including bicycles, will be required between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on the following days and locations:

Wednesday, June 8th


  • Johnson Road from Highway 36 to Rockspring Drive.
  • Greybrook Lane from Highway 36 to the end. 

  • Friday, June 10th


  • Glenwood Street from Myrtle Avenue to Frank Street.

  • Frank Street from Glenwood Street to end.

  • Quaker Street from Trinity Street to Glenwood Street

  • Monday, June 13th & Tuesday, June 14th


    Central Avenue from Bartow Road to Railroad Avenue.

    If you have any questions please call the office of Humboldt County Public Works at 707-445-7421.



  • That’s it,huh.theres roads I won’t drive on,because I don’t want more damage to my rig.thats so ridiculous.i think our government needs to stop giving our hard earned money away to other countries and worry about us for a change,geeze

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Hows about it Estell? Whens the last time you drove out to Alderpoint or Blocksburg? Id be willing to bet it was the last time you were looking for a vote in Blocksburg. You say your about safety? Try hitting the cattle guard going south[ by the Anzini ranch] going about 55 mph.Someone is going to get killed there and sue the county.The road is a complete unsafe mess. Come visit. I dare you to drive over that cattle guard at 55mph…..

    • What are you driving 55 on that road in the first place slow down but your right the infestruckure of southern Humboldt sucks try driving to honeydew your rig only last two to three years some people don’t grow pot and can’t afford a new truck every other year when are we going to some of the money no hum gets.

  • All of you are so right!it’s so sad.our whole infrastructure sucks,bridges scare the crap out of me.since I saw the decay on one under side.yikes!!!!

  • Maybe if everybody payed their fair share we wouldn’t be in this mess the black market has destroyed so much the working folks dream of an honest living lay in ruins . But it’s still not enough for the state is it they even want our security are only security when you live in rural parts of the county they want to take our guns one way or the other by making us all criminals .

  • I’ve been driving by the painting on 299. They have twice the workers on the job than are needed, and most of them aren’t doing crap. For example, both ends of the construction have people whose only job is to hold a “slow” sign for 8 hours, who could easily be replaced by a traffic cone. Stick sign in top of traffic cone, fire worker. The problem isn’t a lack of road money, it’s that it all goes to caltrans who utterly wastes it and then complains there’s not enough.

    • A) Slow sign not legal without someone there.
      B) Drivers tend to pay attention to workers when they ignore signs. Thus the flaggers provide a level of safety for the other workers in the job site.

  • Thanks, Kym–always appreciate the updates, and yes, many of our roads have fallen into a scary level of disrepair. Any word on Thomas Road?

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