Fire In Redway Residential Area

firefighting_sallaway_0718Fire at the north end of Redway today. [All photos by Kim Sallaway]

A fire burned near a residential area in northern Redway today. The call reporting the fire came in at 1:35 p.m. The cause at that time was believed to be downed power lines.

Neighbors fought the flames with garden hoses and tools until fire departments were able to respond.
firefighting_james_sallaway_0712Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman tells us that in all about one tenth of an acre burned. Her agency as well as Redway and Garberville Fire responded and quenched the final flames as well as mopped up.

According to Coleman, the cause is still under investigation.




  • Fire Fighters will have a Special Place in heaven. af

  • Those pesky downed fire lines will do that every time

  • I live right here. A big gust of wind came. The wind blew so hard it blew a branch or a tree on to the power lines. Very frightening noise from the PG&E Transformers. There was a big pop electricity went out. Then I smelled smoke. It was billowing up about 50 feet. Called nine-one-one. All the neighbors were involved. Keep it down to a minimal. It also arckt.. to another power line causing another small fire a half a block away. This is the second one for me. At Least it wasn’t a lady making her husband lunch in the bushes LOL. Thank you Garberville and Redway Fire Department

  • What I learned from this experience.

    Shouting “FIRE!” brought out my neighbors who thought well under pressure and they acted in a good coordinated fashion.

    My hose wasn’t long enough. The time it took to connect to another gave the fire time to grow.

    Fires grow way fast.

    The feeling of relief I experienced when the real fire fighters arrived in their shiny red trucks was one I feel very grateful for. The wires on the telephone post at the head of my driveway sparked and ignited the brush under it. We dealt with that one first.

    Up the hill a few hundred feet several small fires joined together to make a much bigger one. Neighbors controlled the spread. The fire people stopped the fire and cleaned up the burnt area. When the fire team from the con camp arrived to aid in the clean up I spoke with them a bit.

    Last week the same team of men spent several days cutting the brush along the road. They cleaned up the potential fire fuel in the exact place the sparks set the fires. If they had not… omg.

  • So glad you and sarv are ok

  • Good job neighbors and firefighters! I didn’t even notice .
    All the effort put into tree trimming for PG&E and still a branch takes out a line.

  • Oh my! Thank you the neighbors, and thank you Kim for yelling FIRE!!! Learned a good lesson to redo my faucets and have a 100 ft hose ready on the edge of the lot. Thank you Gary, Kim and me for dragging the hoses out and the rest of our neighbors who all pitched in, at least we are all one.

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