Two Local Women Have Major Injuries Following Accident Sunday Night

On Sunday, May 29, two local women received major injuries and a third was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence following an accident about 10:50 p.m.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Miranda Lindstrom, age 23 of Eureka, was driving a Ford F-150 northbound on Mad River Road just south of Eagles Nest Road when she lost control of the vehicle.

Officer P. Nelson of the CHP reported, “The F-150 left the roadway, overturned and struck a large tree stump. The impact caused considerable intrusion on the passenger side of the pickup and major injuries to the passengers. The driver was arrested on suspicion of DUI causing great bodily injury to another.”

Two passengers in the vehicle, Mellisa Silva, age 30 of Hydesville, and Melisa Bardin, age 25 of Eureka, both received major injuries in the accident, according to the CHP.

A GoFundMe site has been set up for Silva. The site says that Silva

…is in critical condition with a brain trauma. This single parent is the most selfless, giving, and driven mother I have ever known! She gives back every chance she can, from feeding the homeless on [T]hanksgiving to donating coats for children. She has taught her children the importance of caring for others in a time of need and NOW more than ever Mellisa needs us. Mellisa is the sole provider for her 3 children and I know she will be in the hospital for a long time. This will help the kids be able to stay in hotels, food, and continue to pay her monthly bills.

If you would like to donate, click here for more information.


Mellisa Silva and her three children as posted on a fundraising site.



  • If we all just give a little, we can make a big difference. I just made a small donation.

  • Drinking and driving don’t mix she now has a felony ,and if she die s she will be in prison for a very long time .the two ladys that got hurt I pray for them ,and I prey for the driver to get help .she will need it

    • The driver didn’t get hurt, her passengers did. The gofundme is for one of the passengers.

    • Miranda is a good person and an amazing mother, she was the youngest and Melissa Silva and Bardin are just as responsible as Miranda is considering their older and have kids just like Miranda and they MADE their own decision to get in that truck with her so nobody is to blame it was an accident but they are ALL responsible!

      • Whos blaming?

        • Thr legal system will blame.

          • sharpen your pencil

            No. Miranda made her bed when she decided to drink and then get into her truck and drive. That was her fault, as well as wrecking the vehicle. Yes they all could have decided not to get into the truck. However there is only one driver. You are the “responsible” party if you are the driver! She is lucky that no body has died from her very poor decision.

            When will people learn not to drink and drive, or ride with someone who has. How many more loved one need to suffer from poor decisions before people uncork their heads from their hind end?

            For most people two drinks can put you over the limit to safely drive a vehicle, by law…. Think about it people, that is a leasurly evening at dinner with a friend or spouse, it just isn’t worth it!

      • Geez. Have a heart. We’ve all done stupid things. Thank god some are willing to help and not blame.

        • sharpen your pencil

          Actually what you are referring to is called ENABLING! I know the two are easily confused but your mentality towards the subject is the exact reason people get into this situation!

      • Unless you know the real story don’t be quick to judge it was no one fault but the driver who decided to drive while under the influence and risked 2 people’s life majorly hurting one and having another on life support plus Miranda already has 3 DUI she should have learns by her first but still continued to drive and on HWY 36 on memorial should no better don’t blame someone who’s in a coma or the sober girl with a broke. Back because they tried stopping her and she drove off anyways so there for it is Mia dad fault and selfish on her point.

      • There is no accident when it comes to DUI. This is a CHOICE!! Yes they all know better but the law says you can not DRIVE while under the influence so the blame falls on the driver. We all know the law so let’s stop saying it was a bad accident, it’s this attitude that keeps enabling this behavior! The case that happened a little over a year ago on HWY 36 also where the guy killed the two young girls is just getting ready to go to court and he will most likely get 18/20 years.

        • sharpen your pencil

          He should get more. It is time to start making examples of these idiots! That is the only way to get the message across. All these idiot enablers need to wise up!

        • my sister and her boyfriend were killed by a 20 year old drunk driver with a suspended drivers license! He was cited for playing chicken with his monster truck. He is from hydesville carlotta area he has been in trouble repeatedly! This dumbass got 12 yrs but only served 6 of them. My sister Lisa and her boyfriend Mike got death sentences. He also had a 17 yr old passenger (both survived) Where’s the justice in that? It’s wrong to drink and drive period! This accident happened just outside Scotia.

  • Thank you lord that none of those woman had they’re children in the car and hopefully learn from this tragic event and that they are blessed they were given another chance. Drinking and driving is usually unforgiving..hopefully the truth will.come out…prayers for silva and her family.

  • Note to self: never ever let a person who’s been drinking drive me anywhere. Sympathies to all involved.

  • I’m praying for these young ladies,may God be with you.Please folks I know you hear this all the time,but DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!this is why

  • mendocino mamma

    Alcohol kills yet again. Even though they are injured and did not physically die, their lives as they knew them died that fateful night…all in the name of a good time. TRAGIC.

  • Don't drink and drive

    AT ANYTIME DONT DRINK AND DRIVE OR BUZZ DRINK…. HWY 36 Is Scary Enough driving slow and sober…. I’m sure CHP could right tickets all day long on holiday weekends on Hwy 36…. End result lives forever changed …. ALL Parties are responsible but end result the driver is going to pay by jail time and be responsiable financially for her passengers injuries
    God Bless all involved …………

  • If you can’t be supportive then shut the hell up. It’s easy to make up scenarios in your head and then pass judgement. My scenario is this single mother needed to get medicine for a sick child and this ride was the only opportunity to do that. I getting really tired of all the judgemental people. Keep your judgements to yourself.

    • You ate great We all need to support the three people they are good people so please pray for them with no more negative they need prayers

    • No excuse! You just don’t get into a car with a intoxicated person, and since she did, then she was most likely intoxicated as well. How about DON’T DRINK! Especially when your kids are camping with you!
      Alcohol is a killer in so many ways!

    • So they were on their way to get medicine for her child?

  • So sorry let’s as a community watch out for her and them children please

  • May 29, 1997 a group of 3 men traveled in a similar manner in Shasta County, and one of them died. The other had extensive burns. The third lived with the guilt of not being dead or severely injured…

  • Stephanie Young

    I’m here for you all..let me know if anything is needed.

  • veterans friend

    DUI with injury is a felony deserving of prison IMO. Please follow this story and keep us informed of the outcome…for the injured as well as the woman who was the driver.
    Hoping for a full recovery for the two injured women & a prison term for the driver

  • positive energy to the children in this terrible time!

  • Let’s try to remember to come from a place of love.sometimes bad things happen to good a community,we have to care for each other…we always have.
    Love and hugs to the children.


    • Alicia Aparicio

      I meet Melisa at the laundry in Fortuna Ca back in 2006. I have been on and off friends with her since. We use to exchange babysitting and sometimes make dinner at her place. She was always so sweet. I can’t believe these has happened to her. Her kids are polite and played well with my children. I pray for her children and her family. Well miss you Melisa.

  • LoveAboveAllElse

    We have all made poor decisions at one time or another. For most of us, those decisions did not result in such tragic consequences. No matter what decisions were made by these three women, they need prayers and encouragement for themselves and their families.

    Please make plans BEFORE you do anything that is going to impair your ability to drive. Please, I’m begging you. I am sure these young mothers would tell you the same thing.

  • I have driven on 36 almost every weekend going from Eureka to Cottonwood to see my ex-boyfriend for almost a year every weekend I know that road by the back of my hand the first time I drove it it was really hard it’s always a dangerous road you need to be careful you do not drink and drive on that road I’m sorry she’s the one that’s responsible she got behind the wheel and she drove drunk with two people in the backseat and that persons or people are the ones I got injured they could die it sounds like I hope and I pray that these young ladies do not die I feel so bad for them do not know the young lady Miranda that was driving but you do not drink and drive I have a 17 year old daughter and she I hope will learn from this and seeing this do not get behind the wheel over when you’re drunk this is what happens when things like this happen now we’re having to wait for the outcome to see what’s going to happen to Melissa and Melissa all we can do is sit back and pray that these two young ladies will be ok they have babies at home I do feel bad for Miranda but she shouldn’t have got behind the wheel and drove it’s not worth it all that fun and to get behind the wheel and drive you could sober up and drive home the next day I have done it plenty of times I have waited to drive to many car accidents too many people die from drinking behind the wheel I was saying you know it was an accident but the thing is she was drunk and they do know I read that she had been drinking it was Memorial Weekend gotta be smarter than this now she’s going to hold the burden of this for the rest of her life how sad I’m only speaking from experience my mother got a DUI for flipping us three years ago and my airbag didn’t go off I have a full-on alignment through my body and head injury I will never be the same that’s why I’m speaking like this my mother was taking opiates you have to make smarter decisions when you’re behind the wheel

  • sorry but not sorry

    They are all ignorant! I had family out at the lake that day! Not only do they not care about what could potentially happen to themselves but what could have happened to anyone of the hundreds of people there that day! The driver deserves the consequences of her actions. And I pray to God that everyone pulls through but there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for driving drunk nor blaming the driver for getting in the vehicle with a drunk driver!

    • I agree. Innocent people could’ve got hurt or killed. Everyone in that wreck is responsible for themselves for getting into the truck. Everyone had a choice! Passengers as well as the driver.

  • We all judge others so easily and quickly don’t we?! I guess that is easier than taking a step back and just put out a little compassion and care. Whatever the circumstances I hope the women will recover fully and completely and the children aren’t forever traumatized by the sadness of seeing their mom hurt so horribly. Namaste

    • Yeah? What if your loved one was on that road that night and got hit by them? Drinking was their choice, so was getting on the road in a truck.
      I have compassion. I feel terrible for the kids and family, which by the way, she is family to me. That doesn’t mean I’m going to say she was bit at any fault.
      It’s so very sad. I hate what alcohol does! It makes even the responsible people become irresponsible. The victims are the children who may never have their mom again….because of alcohol.

  • My question is why didn’t the sober person drive?I would never ever get in a vehicle with a drunk person no matter what.i like being alive

  • @G-ma.. story that is floating around there was no sober ones. But that is being denied. Is there any news on the girl that is in the coma ?? Our prayers are out there for her and her children.

    • Induced coma for brain swelling to reduce. She’s had progress! There is a Facebook prayer page and a Fund Me page for her.

    • Mellisa is still in coma and hasn’t woke up. The brain swelling has caused injury to the brain stem. Her pupils and reflexes aren’t reacting. They’re waiting for swelling to go down to determine outcome.
      I heard the other Melisa has a broken back, but will be ok.

  • They’re – same as “They are.” Example: They’re stupid to ride with a drunk person.
    Their – possessive form. Example: it’s good their children weren’t in the car.
    There – Example: There is no excuse for drunk driving, period.
    You’re – same as “You are.” Example: You’re making yourself look stupid when you can’t spell.
    Your – possessive form. Example: Your friends are critically injured because you drove drunk.

  • When you are quick to jump to writing a comment that bad mouths these mothers I think we all understand some poor choices were made here, but we all need to remember they all have children and they all have to go to school. These poor children are suffering enough from this tragedy in their lives they do not need to hear all these horrible words about their mothers from their peers for the kids shake can you please just keep the rude comments to yourselves..and just pray for the kids that they don’t loose their mothers !!

  • Melisa silva is my brothers cousin and a great person, I think if people posting don’t know her or her situation quit posting negative comments. Her family and friends do see this. Have compassion and don’t slander the victims. Life happens the only person qualified to judge is GOD!

  • Prayers for all involved.
    Prayers for the families of these women.

  • I just read today on another page one of the girls had passed away?
    Terrible tragedy either way. My prayers are with them.

    • I’m related by past marriage, my child is her 1st cousin, and we didn’t hear that. What “other” page did you read that at?

      • I read it here.

        I usually don’t post about go fund me but this one is from my home. If you are in Humboldt county, please come support the cause.
        we are looking for volunteer bakers to donate some baked goods for a fundraising bake sale. This fundraiser will be in honor of a local mother of 3 that is in the ICU due to a fatal car accident. All proceeds are going towards the family and her medical expenses.
        If you don’t want to bake but would like to support the cause, stay tuned for the info. Here is her go find me link if you would like to make a donation.
        Please comment on this post if you would like to help out or pm me. I will pass along the info to the fundraiser coordinator. Thank you!
        The first bake sale for mellisa will be this Friday at South Bay Carnival 5-8 pm. You can either pm with a pick up location or come by and drop them off at the carnival.

  • The driver is on her second DUI. She is charged with a standard DUI (not with injury to passengers). She was a no show to work at Open Door Community for 3+ days. Her family member calls to say she’s in the hospital (lie). She is now being accepted back “when she’s ready”. Even if a person says the other two had some responsibility, you cannot call this justice. If she were male, or older, or less attractive it would result in different, more harsh charges and no invite back to her employment. I hope the injured passengers recover fully. Prayers for both and their families.

  • Thank you for the answer,about who was so sorry for all of praying hard these ladies will be alright.Please folks DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE no matter what or why,you have a brain use it!!!!!

  • Just to set everyone straight, that is not miranda 2nd or even 3rd dui, it would be her first. And have a little compassion for people this is sad for all parties involved.

    • It is silly to be dishonest about something that 1) she openly admitted to before this incident and 2) is public record.

  • I don’t understand how people can think this was an accident. When will people learn not to drink and drive, especially on 36, especially on hollidays. This is a yearly event, someone wrecks out by Ruth after drinking on memorial day. What else is new, that’s why I never go out there on memorial. That being said, it’s not the kids faults that the “ADULTS”(and I use that term loosely )make bad decisions, so I will be helping out as much as I can, for the children’s sake

    • I agree. It was not an accident. They all made their poor choices. Yes, it’s unfortunate, and yes, people do make mistakes, but drinking and driving/riding in a car is like playing Russian roulette!
      Now if a car with sober people got hit by them, then it would be an accident to that sober driver.
      I never recommend going to Ruth camping. There is and always has been deadly wrecks on those roads! Young adults, drinking, driving, accidents, and death….not worth going out there.

  • Everything is a secret

    People are donating money, time, support, taking care of her house, her kids, and more. Her condition, doctors evaluations, test results, good and bad signs, are all a hush hush secret. :/

  • Clare, you are so mean to everyone! All along people just wanted to know what’s going on, to be updated once in a while. You aren’t the only one that cares for Mellisa. You are the reason no one is allowed to know anything. You and Katey. Doesn’t make sense. THEN when people found out that the life support is turned off today (YES, her life support is being turned off today, people) everyone was shocked, confused, hurt, mad and sad! The post and threads went crazy, and what do you do again? BITCH out more people. You are the one that created the division. One week and it’s all the time she gets to try to heal. IF there was no other option than to turn of life support, then you should’ve told the rest of the family, and her loving friends, instead of hearing it through the grapevine! You are heartless, cold, controlling, mean and hateful. You don’t even like your family, you walked away and stayed away, so why be there now? OH, I know why. You love sitting there having your pow-wows with K and A talking crap about everyone else in her family and in her life. You’re not a better person so get off your high horse C and A!!

  • I understand how you can listen to rumors and gossip and I understand why you are lashing out at me, I am okay with that. Pain turns to anger, I hear ya I am mad as well, non of this makes sense.
    Let’s get some facts correct okay?
    Mellisa is not being taken off of life support. It only took one misinformed person to say that and everyone jumped on the band wagon.
    We did give updates, this is what happens because people take information they read and add what they want into it. I know where it came from, and I know it hurts.
    Every one wants what is best for Mellisa, I am sure everyone believes they know what is best. When it comes down to it only one person can make that choice and it is not you me or anybody on here. It is a person who has nothing but love and her best interest in mind. There are so many things that you don’t know and you don’t need to know. If it was your family, you are not going to tell everything on social media.
    I am sure you think you would, but I hope you never have to make those choices.
    I am sorry you all feel the need to take such a horrible situation and turn it into a pissing contest. You, do you though and we will keep doing what we can to save a shining light
    God Bless

  • First off, I’m sadden by yet another drinking and driving situation. Especially with injuries. There are no winners here. Everyone who’s involved, your life’s are forever changed and there isn’t anything anyone can do about it. The people who are watching this thread have ALL three beautiful young ladies best interest at heart. They really don’t want a shit show of bashing anyone, furthermore these ladies have children, and likely are old enough to read, so please use kind words or don’t comment! Thank you! 😄
    There has been several crashes on 36, people need to slow down, and obviously not drink and drive. I see posts all the time where people blame the road. I can honestly say it isn’t the road. When I was 16 I was driving to Ruth and back to town all the time, the scariest thing was log trucks. It was their road, there were never any accidents. Sadly people respect the road or anyone on it. That needs to change. I still drive out there every weekend to our summer place, and have had more people in my lane than I can count!

  • Mellisa Silva is my cousins daughter and she died earlier this morning. So please have some compassion and don’t make snide remarks when you know nothing.

  • Prayers for my childhood friend and her family at this time. Please let the family grieve. Mistakes happen.

  • LoveAboveAllElse

    @KymKemp do you know if any further charges have been filed against the driver? Mellisa Silva passed away over this past weekend. 🙁

  • I believe her memorial will be on July 9th. Please watch over Mellisa Lord.

  • Any update on the driver?

  • Was the driver ever charged with anything related to Mellisa’s death?

    • They did increase the charge to DUI with manslaughter. She has not been sentenced. She has become pregnant since. It has been tons of delays, and now there will be a new life brought into this world for the sake of sympathy. I feel so bad for those 3 beautiful kids that no longer have their mother.

      Trinity county had updates, but I don’t think this site or anywhere else is updating. There have been bigger stories, such as Marci Kitchen, and predictably this has been forgotten.

  • I miss you incredibly mom, one day I’ll join you in heaven

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