Vehicle Accident on Hwy 101 in McKinleyville

A southbound pickup collided with a tree near the intersection of Hwy 101 and School Road at approximately 8:05 p.m. The truck is in the median. “All occupants are out of the vehicle,” reports emergency personnel from the scene on the scanner.

An ambulance is responding.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Michelle Steele

    This happend right by my house.

  • From tire tracks in the grass, it appeared to my inexperienced eye that the pickup truck started onto the offramp from southbound 101 to School Rd but for some reason it drifted left into the grass “gore area” for perhaps 150-200 feet, struck a tree and bounced to the left a short distance down a slope. Major front-end damage to the truck, and the driver was taken by ambulance to the hospital with “minor” injuries per the CHP Log.

    • Norine Blankenship

      I am the mother of one of the people in the truck. Is it possible to see these pictures you took

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