Traffic Backing Up on 101 North of Leggett


Traffic backup on May 15th in the same area. [Photo provided by Lori Ford]

Southbound traffic this Memorial Day is backing up near the signal temporary traffic signal just south of Standish-Hickey State Park on U.S. Highway 101 in Mendocino County. Northbound traffic which is lighter appears to be flowing normally as of 12:30 p.m. However, traffic headed southbound is backed up “from the Peg House to Confusion Hill due to the one way traffic light at the Peg House,” according to Mike Thompson, a reader who passed the situation on his way north.

He says the “entire 2 lane road to Confusion Hill” is packed with cars.



  • Just sat there for an hour. Can’t believe they don’t have someone manning the signal for the holiday.

  • That signal is in a difficult place. If northbound backs up around those curves the sight lines aren’t good so the signals are set on a short cycle. I went through there a couple of weeks ago and the signal was only green for four or five cars at a time. With the wait for the system to switch flow it’ll back up in a hurry.

  • Waited less than 3 min going northbound. Traffic was backed up southbound for 5 miles.

  • The state pays a CHP officer overtime to sit in a car with his lights flashing at road work sites. Why not pay one to direct traffic at the light allowing more southbound egress. Too simple I guess.

    • Excellent point. I saw a CHP sit in an SUV “just in case” ahead of well-marked road work last week on the way to Fortuna. There were flashing signs, lots of cones, etc. Can’t see why the CHP was necessary with all the other flashing lights and signs. Seemed like the most boring assignment…

  • The officers are often there to get traffic to slow down through work zones. They often catch up on paperwork is what I’ve been told.

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