Hey, Is That Twenty Fake?

d3eb91b9-9650-470f-a537-2932543a028cA counterfeit bill was passed at a garage sale in Eureka yesterday. While fake money is passed relatively frequently, being alert to the problem can help you avoid being a victim.

A reader, Robert Taylor, sent in the above photo and warned us to be extra alert when dealing with money in the Eureka area. A fake $20 bill, he said,  was used at a garage sale in the area of Hemlock and Dolbeer Streets yesterday. A Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to the scene and information was collected on the person involved in passing the bill.

Below is information from the Secret Service on specific details you can check to determine if money is real.



  • I got one from boniminis awhile back.it sucks because you don’t get your money back,we got one from us bank too.and they said no way are we giving you back your money.i know the difference now.lol

  • So, what gave the fake bill away? Security strip? Watermark? Nothing I can tell from the photo….

  • Maybe the feel of the paper.you can’t get that paper they use.

  • eggzactly?.. What gave that..wait….THAT bill away at a garage sale?

    Unless one does one’s transactions in a bake tellers presence who then verifies the bills before you turn over the stuff….how are we to NOT be ripped off like this again and again.. ?

    And Gma says she got one FROM her bank who refused to make it good?…WTF?

  • Scratch the collar of the person in the portrait; you should feel a texture if it’s real.

  • The shell station in garberville tryed to take a hundred dollar bill from me that I had just gotten from umpqua bank, I snagged it back out of Wydners hand (he was going to confiscated it) then left and went over to the chevron station , the clerk marked it with the marker and then excepted it no problem.

    • oh great,,while you are ranting the ‘clerk’ switches your good note for the bad he took and then ‘proves it’ with a counterfeit pen tester?

      do we need to wear google glasses now for all store transactions?…the customer to run all bills thru a scanner linked to store security cameras?

      I think the phrase ‘then might be put that 100 dollar bill serial number 123xxxx on the counter where I can watch it while we wait for the police’..
      …..man this sounds like a good scam, I might open me a bank..I mean, a ‘store’. A great way to launder your fake 100’s and 20’s.

  • I lived in Tucson and there were fake 20s all over. Must be someone there or over the border printing them up. Funny thing was people took them all day long

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