Pup Mistakes Tire Rim for Collar – Rescue Ensues

Members of the Fortuna Volunteer Fire Department were called out early Sunday morning to Hydesville, for an interesting rescue operation – a poor pooch was trapped and having a rather “ruff” go of it.


The poor pup in a pawsitively awful predicament. [Photo credit: Chief Rus Brown of FVFD]

Rescuers spent time slathering on axle grease on the pup’s head, to slowly free one ear and then the next.  After the pup was released and admonished regarding her ‘furpaw’ of style choice, she happily went on her merry way – to a bath.


The very relieved pup. [Photo credit: Chief Rus Brown of FVFD]

This was the second dog rescue this week, in the Eel River Valley.  Rio Dell Volunteer Fire Department also responded to Monument Road on May 27th.  Just shy of 10:00 PM, firefighters rescued a service dog who had fallen down an embankment in the owner’s backyard.  Chief Shane Wilson later said in a follow up Facebook posting, “The dog is doing ok. He had recently been bit by a spider and was very unstable while walking. This caused him to fall down a small slope. We lowered our stokes basket down and his owner loaded him. He was a little aggressive but did well during the hoist up. Our firefighters carried him into the house and the owner unloaded him in his bed. All in all, it went very well.”

Our local fire departments serve all members of our community very well, furry included.  If you’ve ever thought about volunteering with these hardworking firefighters, please contact your local department.




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