Meteor or Downed Aircraft?

HelicopterSince last night about 9 p.m., multiple agencies have been on the lookout for a possible downed aircraft in the Southern Humboldt/Northern Mendocino area.

Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman tells us that her agency had Copter 102 flying reconnaissance in both counties today “for a possible plane crash last night.”

However, she said, “There is no confirmation that the plane has been lost. …There also [is] the possibility of maybe a meteor.”



  • was the UFO that was seen in ohio yesterday

  • Or nobody’s talking

  • Ummm, reconnaissance possibly instead of recognizance?

  • It was Billy Meir in a beam ship on his way to the pleadies via humboldt . Gotta get that stash , it’s a long trip .

  • william tillman

    Was it the trump plane.

  • I saw a small plane flying at the ridge level to what I thought was the Garberville airport last night a little before 8:30. I was watching the sunset from the switchbacks and saw the plane flying in front of me towards Benbow/Garberville airport, but I lost sight of it when it went below the ridge. I hope it wasn’t that plane, but I couldn’t see if he landed or not and I couldn’t see any lights on the plane.

  • No flight plan filed? No report of a plane missing?

    • When I was flying, flight plans were optional for small aircraft; they are most useful in planning to land in large airports. Were they mandatory, we’d have a better handle on just who is circling…and the “authorities” wouldn’t like that. af

  • Years ago I saw what to me was a large aircraft going down in flames. It was not a streak as meteors often are. This thing had visible flames trailing behind it. I called 911 and reported my sighting. The next day it was reported that it had been a meteor believed to be as large as a “station wagon” that had crashed into the ocean off San Diego. Fooled me.

  • … the rockets red glare ?

  • We watched the warriors game in fort Bragg last night. When it was over we drove back to camp in westport and as we headed north we saw what we thought was a large funnel cloud on the horizon. We quickly realized it couldn’t be a funnel cloud as the weather was absolutely perfect. Out guess was possibly a downed airplane on the lost coast somewhere. Right after we got back to camp, there was a huge response of fire rescue, ambulance, police , headed north on highway 1 past westport. If they are not confirming the plane as gone I would guess military

  • Friday afternoon I got a very quick glimpse of what looked like f-16, headed east over Carlotta. His, or her buddy was moving to fast to get a visual. Jets pass through flying up the Van Duzen every month or so. Training I suppose. Usually it’s F-18’s, Hornets. Once saw an F-5, a very small trainer. Another time, I saw a C-17 large cargo transport, practicing low altitude flying. Practice, practice, practice. I like the Air Show. Hope it was a metiorite.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    Maybe, maybe not…but a fireball was noticed by an observer in Colorado at ~10pm last night
    Due west and about 30 degrees up for 1 second.

  • Looks like the Mexican Free Air force lost another plane in the Emerald Triangle.
    Isn’t there an old landing strip in that area?

  • i was on the lost coast and about an hour after sun down a bright shooting star went straight down into the ocean. It was a super bright shooting star, almost like a fireball.

  • It was Shane Miller’s ghost

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