[Update 8:50 p.m.] Car Flips Off Highway 101 Near Herrick Offramp


Photo submitted by a reader

A reader tells us there is a rollover car accident just south of Eureka. He says it’s on the northbound side of Highway 101 near the Herrick Avenue Offramp.

The California Highway Patrol incident page says the accident happened at about 7 p.m., and the driver suffered minor injuries.

The vehicle is reportedly a small, white sedan. No other vehicles were involved.

Update 8:50 p.m.: The incident page says it’s going to take two tow trucks to remove the car.



  • Hope their ok

  • Michelle Steele

    Ok people we all know this is Memorial Day weekend but none of us want to be going to you’r memorial we would rather have friends and family around. So if your planning on Drinking please have a designated driver who is Not going to be drinking drive you home or better yet stay home and safe. Just a thought for the day. Hope everyone is ok and doing well.

  • Could any county in the US have more single car accidents? And how many drivers get cut off from the nimrods “merging” from the Humboldt Hill on-ramp? And then proceed to flip you off!

    • please take over Darwin

      Good question, I bet every state has seen an increase, especially on straightaway roads like the 101 south and north of eureka. Heading up from so hum, that herrick/humboldt hill area always has people on their phones. Have seen many many cars swerve and almost go off the road. You can tell when someone’s texting, they slow down, swerve and u can see them looking up & down. Unfortunately I think we will havta start charging folks money if it is proven they were talking/texting and they have an accident.
      The merging idiots from LA are a huge issue in no hum, I wish the chp would get on top of it. They could be writing 5 or more tix an hour on the “safety” corridor, serious money maker with speeding (folks doing 65-70mph), no headlights, tailgating, and on phone would rack up at least 300$ a stop. I literally see at least 2 cars violaying all if those things everytime i drive that stretch.
      If people value the Indianola and Bayside cutoffs then tell the chp you want them doing more in that area. If you think they’ll build overpasses at those exits, you’re mistaken. They will just end up closing the cutoffs to stop accidents.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Technically, nimrods are simply a Bible-derived term for hunters, not necessarily an idiot as you use the term. Otherwise, agree 100%. The quality of driving around Eureka and the County gets worse every day. The daily demo derby. Texting and grab-assing like there’s no tomorrow, which there won’t be for some, just don’t take others with you.

  • veterans friend

    I have flipped off an on ramp or two in my time

  • Claud Krashcup

    People are still usually doing 60-65mph around Herrick. After the overpass they use the last 100yrds before Kmart to slow down to 40-45mph, city speed. To reference George Carlin. Are you a Maniac or an Idiot? A maniac is anybody that drives faster than you. “Did you see that maniac, He nearly ran me off the road!” or An Idiot is anyone that drive slower than you.”What an Idiot! Come on,, Get out of the way you f—-ing Idiot! ” I tend toward the latter. Life is long if you take it slow.

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