Samoa Drag Strip Track Sprayer Located

Some good news for the Samoa Drag Strip which recently had thousands of dollars worth of equipment stolen. They posted this afternoon on Facebook:

Earlier story about the thefts here.



  • Very good news cool

  • Right on!…. Uh, was my Creedence tape in it?…..Uh, man.

  • Awesome.. but still not good enough

  • Fuckin tweeks. Where was it found? So sick of this shit. I don’t even want to raise my son here anymore. The drug use is over the top. This is no longer a place to live, safely. Meth is the death of our society. Period. The devils dried up cum. Sorry kym for being so graffic, when are people gona get we did this with prop. 47.? Looking for a different place to raise my son, honestly, there’s no where.😖

    • Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • None of this should be surprising. When the “Authorities” cut off funding for actual people, in actual communities, and the trillions are safely in the pockets of the new aristocracy, then our communities will deteriorate. Our country has been, and is currently being looted by a bunch of gangsters and fascists calling themselves “leaders.” And it is going to get a lot worse.
      Think of where we’ll be after three years of Trump, or Clinton. Total war with Iran, complete loss of civil liberties and human rights in the US. We’ll be back to elderly people starving, children suffering horrific lives, then growing into really messed up adults.

    • I understand Sharon, all this drug bullshit is because the ‘war on drugs’ has NEVER been fought properly. This country is waaaaaaaaay too easy on the dope pushers and sellers. In order to get ANY kind of control of the drug problem, we need tougher penalties, something between what the Middle East does and what the U.S. has been doing for years. More severe penalties, not as severe as the Middle East, but at the same time, not as wimpy as the U. S.

      • Nobody thinks they will be caught. Tougher penelties are really expensive and new dealers will always spring up to meet a demand more powerful than the need for food. I mean really, if your mindset allows you to risk everything for a fix, including your very life, what penalty could society levy that would possibly deter an addict? The only answer is to treat it as a health crisis, and decriminalize so that people don’t have to steal to fund their addiction.

        • I said more severe penalties for the PUSHERS AND SELLERS, not the people addicted. Whoever ‘springs up’ to fill the void, we just eliminate them and go onto the next dealer. [Edit] Yes, you could treat the addicts, but at the same time, we also need to eliminate the dealers. Decriminalization? Nope. That could bring about anarchy with more people being addicted because it would be easier to get (decriminalized) hard drugs. Like I said before, penalties closer to what the Middle East does, but not quite as extreme.

      • sharpen your pencil

        So how is that plan working out on the middle east? Seriously? Our country had been using your approach for decades, to no avail! To remove the criminal elements you need to remove the elements from the criminal. Creating more laws hasn’t worked at all since prohibition, it just creates another profitable industry we call the prison system!

        • WHAT? Are you kidding me!? We have NOT been anywhere close to using the Middle East approach AT ALL. Just how many of the these drug pushers have been actually ELIMINATED? They are just recycled through the system and are allowed back on the streets. Does the word ‘recidivism’ mean anything to you? I am all for more prisons, get more drug dealers off the streets. More laws, no, we need to eliminate the current weak drug laws and replace them with stronger drug laws.

  • The rest will be found!!and duder,I have the ccr,tapes sorry man their my fav!!l

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