[UPDATE 6:24 p.m.] Briceland Road Blocked by Tree

scannerA tree is down on Briceland Road approximately one mile east of the Ettersburg Junction. Power lines are also down and the road is currently blocked.

Briceland Fire and Telegraph Ridge Fire have been paged out to help deal with the situation.

UPDATE 6:24 p.m.: Readers are telling us the road is open.



  • Trying to get to the Feet First show with four dancers/actors…would appreciate any updates you have! 🙂

  • road is cleared

  • These damn trees. Blocking roads, starting fires, wrecking cars. I tellýa sumthin needs to be done. In my day we didn’t take sass from a piece of wood. If a tree pissed you off. You cut it down and chopped it up into firewood! “HAH!” Take that! I don’t know what this world is comm’in too!

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