Mold Closes Garberville Courthouse

Facebook post from Supervisor Estelle Fennell:

13237695_1013780852038113_8996124168571233080_nGARBERVILLE COURT CLOSED TEMPORARILY.

The Superior Court has announced a temporary closure of the Garberville Satellite site (at the Vets’ Hall), which means that people who had been set for court dates in Garberville will have to go to Eureka instead.

The temporary closure is effective immediately and is a result of a recent study that revealed unhealthy levels of mold at several locations in the building.

We are currently looking at alternate sites and hope to be able to provide a good location as soon as possible.



  • I thought this courthouse had been closed years ago?

  • Haven’t been in that courthouse since the days of “Let’em Go Les Supreay”. Probably the wisest Judge ever to bang a gavel in Humboldt Co!

  • Maybe the building is not safe for all the activities held there!senior fitness class!.

  • A classic result of deferred maintenance. Sadly, the Vets Hall could have remained a beautiful viable building with good maintenance. Now, there is no way to save it. Once it has been declared a “mold hazard” no one will declare it “repaired”. It will probably stand there as a derelict building, or they will spend more to tear it down that it would have to put a good roof on it.

    A flat roof needs continuous repair. Only a fool would build with a flat roof in Humboldt Co. Then only an idiot would try to run ductwork through it. …. I get so tired of saying “I told you so”

  • veterans friend

    Hold Estelle’s feet to the fire on this issue. If we do not raise hell we will lose this courthouse which is an integral part of sohum. Essential services for local people should not be shifted to Eureka. Extreme hardship for many

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