Closed Loop Butane Honey Oil Lab Found in Carlotta Raid

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's Office BlurOn Wednesday, May 25, 2016, at about 11:45 a.m., Humboldt County Deputy Sheriffs served a Humboldt County Superior Court search warrant to a residence on the 700 block of Golden Gate Drive in Carlotta. Upon serving the search warrant, deputies located a sophisticated closed loop Butane Honey Oil (BHO) hash lab constructed inside a detached garage. Deputies located large amounts of butane, indicia, documentation of sales, digital scales, a firearm, BHO product, and approximately 733 lbs of marijuana shake.

No suspects were located on scene. This is an ongoing investigation, and arrest warrants will be issued for persons responsible for the BHO operation. The BHO lab was dismantled and seized as evidence.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.201602623 4 201602623 5 201602623 1 201602623 2 201602623 3 201602623 4_420x280_thumb



  • Why should this be illegal? Seems like some industrious and cautious people were bring revenue into our county.

  • nothing more than a modern day stil…

  • I see the other raid got other people busted , probably the cops got wind of it going into little golden gate .or they were already gonna bust them to hope kym can find out if it’s related. I’m sure they are happy to get a potential bomb I. There mits

  • Without comment or judgement about what they are manufacturing, their “sophisticated closed loop Butane Honey Oil (BHO) hash lab”. Is a very sweet set-up. Any refrigeration dude would recognize all the equipment instantly, and also understand the process. By reclaiming the extraction fluids they are not only saving money on lost extraction fluids, but also saving the environment from escaping greenhouse gasses. The equipment that they are using is relatively inexpensive compared to most of the extraction equipment out there. KUDOS!!!… Just don’t call on this refrigeration dude to be any part of it

    I would HIGHLY recommend combustible gas detectors if they are using butane though.

    • Really F cked Up Process

      It’s bullshit Equipment .The butane is still in the product .It has been proven that they don’t work and are a fire hazard period .No kudos at all .With the state law passed last year in October .They can be charged and do extra time because of the butane

      • Residual solvent like Neopentane and Methylbutane can be left in product that is not purged properly (for a time) but residual solvent test detect them and they are found in much lower quantities in higher quality “butane”. Butane (and most related non-polar organic solvents) is a class 3 residual solvent, class 3 residual solvents are recommended to be limited to not more than 50 mg per day (corresponding to 5000 ppm or 0.5%. The levels we might see in residual solvent analysis are more like 15ppm not 5000ppm.

        Idk, maybe you know something I dont.

    • Clean it up yourself

      But would you eat or take medicine made with butane?

      • Not a good choice, I would think. We should limit sales of butane just like sudafed.

      • First of all, butane is a relatively harmless substance, just look at the MSDS. The process of manufacture for MANY medicines use chemicals in thier manufacture that are of much greater concern than butane. You will inhale far more butane just by using a butane lighter then you would smoking BHO.

      • Are you aware that the propellant in most cooking sprays are also hydrocarbon??
        Ignorance is not bliss

  • veterans friend

    Interesting to me that this equipment is readily available at dedicated retail outlets for the sole purpose of doing this illegal thing. Can you purchase a still at the beer supply store?

    • Yes you can get a still at the redding brew supply store….I think it says for “hops extraction” from nice hammered copper to basic copper sheet lots of options.

  • Didn’t know Ernie you are so knowledgeable of the said equipment. If you say it’s cool well that’s good enough for me .although that is not my cup of tea pure ice cold wat er is the only way period alot of heat in little golden gate .

  • “CLOSED LOOP honey extraction” Why is the Humboldt Sheriff out to get people who are creating medicine the safe and correct way, myself, I prefer icewater method, but this is state of the art process for making quality bho. Why are we still wasting taxpayers money going after our counties entrepreneurs? These operations done the correct way create Quality Medicine outta Cannabis trim that would otherwise be wasted. The Humboldt Sheriff failed the community once again.

    • Clean it up yourself

      Oh my lord. Butane oil is not medicine. So sick of everyone calling weed and weed products used to get stoned medicine. Yes it has medicinal values, yes it can medicinal for the soul and spirit, but let’s keep it real. Most just like to get stoned. I doubt these folks are trying to get their product to cancer patients and such folks. Just a weird rationalization that people make a lot, kind of silly.

  • mendocino mamma

    The deal though you want it really laid out for you… Whoever was making the BHO probably obtained that shake from source for10 or 20 dollars a pound. It wasnt grown clean, had mold , was foliar fed, had powder mildew, mites, dust, dirt all included. So, ultimately the source got about 1400 dollars or whatever for 700 pounds of shake. Then a run it through BHO machine bam 100 dollars a gram. Foolios buy it untested for purity, etc ” Oh yeah man the bomb blah blah” so the guy running the lab stands to make around 280000 dollars off of the shake possibly if it goes right… so it goes right …travel down the line of greed. Fat wallet, trips to Hawaii and Bali and the customer… they get butane, fertilizer,avid and mold in theirlungs and a nasty BHO hack oh yea! Dab it up boys!!

    • Clean it up yourself

      Yea you sound like a butane advocate. But no medicine or food is good if it’s made with butane or harmful substances from fossil fuels. It ruins the energy of it and it’s nasty. So hope you enjoy ruining the world with your shatter brah

      • 3rd Degree Dabs

        Research how some of your cooking oils are extracted, Hexane.

        • Clean it up yourself

          Are you aware that there are several people that don’t put nasty shit in their body if they can avoid itm cooking spray? We use lard and butter

  • The recovery pumps and gear do not look rated for flammable gases

  • Clean it up yourself

    Ice water and rosin yo. Get hip. Fuck bhogart and anyone who makes it

  • Clean it up yourself

    Ha my pad auto corrected bho bhogart. Probably laughed about on a nice tropical vacation. But most of people who smoke it never get a vacation.

  • 3rd Degree Dabs

    These folks must be new to the area. Hell, in Little Golden Gate, you can’t even have chickens, much less a BHO bomb. Its is a nice little neighborhood, they just don’t want the riff raff moving in.

  • What a way to ruin perfectly good honey.

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