Local Fortuna Teacher Tackles the World, One Student at a Time

13281733_10208177977078938_157965807_nA local Fortuna High School teacher is showing seniors, how they can truly ‘Change the World‘ using their own interests and skills.  What originated as a high school AP English class project, taught by teacher Amy Conley, has morphed into a fantastic program introducing kids to the spirit of community and giving back.

When Conley’s students start their senior school year, they begin the ‘Change the World’  process by surveying their individual community needs.  The students take the results and come up with ideas which eventually lead to the creation of new programs.  Students are encouraged on and assisted by related mentors and other community partnerships.

So far, student created programs have included mentoring, community cleanups with the Fortuna Street Clean Team (with the assistance of Fortuna Business Improvement District), a car seat recycling event, military care packages, care kits and activity bags for childhood cancer patients and much more.  Their Facebook page has additional information and projects the students have been active in.

Conley was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post in an article titled, “7 Initiatives By Students and Teachers That Are Making Waves Outside The Classroom.”  In the article, Conley is quoted as saying, “I get to launch children into the future!” and she talks about the long term benefits of public speaking, reading, and writing all of the students receive by participating in the program.

For more information or to offer assistance, please email Amy Conley or call the FUHS office at 725-4461.



  • LOVE this and Amy and her dedication to being a true leader and inspiration not only to her students, but also to all of us!

  • Its a Great program hope to see more thanks

  • You surely are not paid near enough, to compensate for your value to our children and to our futures.

  • Plant the seed,water,watch them bloom!!!wish all teachers were like this

  • Very impressive! We need more talented and enthusiastic teachers like Amy here in Fortuna. This program is a win-win for everybody involved…

  • And tonight from 5:30-7:30pm the seniors show off their projects in a school-wide Open House that everyone should come see. They’re amazing!

    The public is invited to see what Fortuna High does tonight. And spoiler alert: we do music, art, new barns, great food, great science, and some fabulous service-learning. They surprise me. And I see it coming!

  • This is awesome!

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