Man at Structure That Burned in Salmon Creek Today Admitted It Was a Honey Oil Lab, According to Sheriff’s Dept.

Hash fire3 (1 of 1)

Extraction chamber used in a closed loop system to make BHO–butane hash oil. [All photos by Kym Kemp unless stated otherwise.]

After a fire started in a hash lab located in the 4000 block of Salmon Creek Road this morning, one worker at the illegal business called for fire assistance, contacted neighbors, and stayed near the site until he was interviewed by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, according to Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The worker was able to provide information to firefighters about the contents of the 25 x 30 foot structure which he said included 100 gallons of butane and 180 gallons of nitrogen.

According to Lt. Fridley, the worker admitted that the shed was used to produce hash. He, however, did not admit to owning the property though.

“We got a good I.D.,” said the Lieutenant and then they let him go. “I didn’t want my guys tied up with somebody in custody when we might need them,” he explained. “Life and property are our first concern.”

However, Fridley said, there may be criminal charges. “Our two drug guys are up there and securing the scene and waiting for a search warrant,” he stated at about 4:45 p.m.


Image provided by a reader

Hash fire2 (1 of 1)

Marijuana stems and crumbled leaves lay at the base of an extraction tube in a close looped system. 

Hash fire1 (1 of 1)

Extraction chamber used in hash oil extraction stands upright in front of butane canisters in the ashes of the lab in Salmon Creek today.

Hash fire3 (1 of 1)-2

Remains of the building which burned down today.

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  • Fuck BHO…..come on rosin terps….end story….stop blowing yourself up stupid stoners

  • Hard to say, but I don’t know whether I want to give this guy a medal or a kick in the pants. af

    • I admit to wanting to do both also. It has got to take courage to stay and try and fix your screw-ups and I’m grudgingly admiring of that.

  • Fuck him, his greed, his stupidity, his recklessness and his utter disdain for the land and for the neighbors…..same for those he is/was working with.
    He doesn’t deserve any further benefit for calling for assistance than he’s already getting by not having additional charges tacked on to the upcoming indictment.

    • 3rd Degree Dabs

      “greed”, I’m so fracking over that word. I’ll pose the question AGAIN, where is the “greed” line??
      “stupidity”, yes.
      “recklessness”, yes.
      “utter disdain for land and neighbors”, wobbler.
      He manned up and helped fix the problem he caused. He’s got that going for him.

      • My definition of the greed line would be trying to get more money at the expense of others–outsourcing costs to people around you. Let me offer some examples of what I mean.

        Putting industrial type manufacturing in a shed without being willing to spend the money to put in basic safeguards to protect your neighbors.Then the cost of dealing with something going wrong is born by the taxpayers, small fire departments, and neighbors.

        Shaving trees, grass, and wildflowers off of mountains without considering the sediment runoff into streams and its consequences, the destruction of neighbor’s views and the affect on wildlife. The cost of fixing this will once again be born by the taxpayers and neighbors.

        Blasting light from greenhouses into the night sky without considering the effect on wildlife or neighbors. We don’t even know what the cost of this will be. But the folks whose desire for money outweighs their desire to be a functioning member of their community are the ones who walk away richer like they have throughout history leaving the mess for the rest of us.

        • Home placement. If one put’s their house on a peak to see as panoramic a view as possible everyone else will have to have their view spoiled by their house.

        • 3rd Degree Dabs

          Thank you for that reply. I guess selfishness and ignorance help feed the greed.

          • Sleepy Alligator

            I get what you’re saying. It’s ridiculous how loosely the word “greed” is tossed around when it comes to weed related news. Granted there are plenty of “growers” who truly are greedy, at the same time there are also plenty who aren’t. Personally, I agree with Kym’s examples of greedy scenarios. Anyone who has complete disregard for their neighbors, the community, the environment, wildlife, etc. in order to benefit monetarily is greedy in my opinion. Now that I’ve read about the number of plants and everything going on at this property I would say whoever WAS attempting to profit from this operation is a prime example of greed.

            • 3rd Degree Dabs

              Yes and yes. For me I’m always wanting to know why nobody yells “greed” at doctors, lawyers, oil industry, water companies, cannabis consultants and so on. The real greedy bastards. The ones that ride the backs of other people. The ones that profit off the sick or people needing help or assistance. Fracking cell phone companies and hotels that charge twice as much on a weekend.

  • Fuck him, his greed, his stupidity, his recklessness and his utter disdain for the land and for the neighbors.
    He doesn’t deserve any further benefit for calling for assistance than he’s already getting by not having additional charges tacked on to the upcoming indictment.

    • Lost Coast Outburst

      Wow, I wish I could double post and stuff. I’m lucky if I can even get through with this crummy IOS-9 or whatever Apple operating system we had to download. POS.

      Anyway, funny how the extraction chamber is the only thing still standing in the blast area. Looks like the obelisk in 2001. An oracle of the damned. Evocative photography, B-Belt. Good job.

      Looks like a recently droned ISIL training camp. A Darwin Research Camp. Oh yeah, MY comments will await moderation? WTF? Thank you so much.

      • It reminded me of the poem…

        And on the pedestal these words appear:
        “My name is OZYMANDIAS, King of Kings.”
        Look on my works ye Mighty, and despair!
        Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
        Of that Colossal Wreck, boundless and bare,
        The lone and level sands stretch far away.

  • yeahsafe really

    Oh so closed loop systems are safe..huh….hummm I know they sell all day long in the area…..demo them even at the trim scene shop….hummmmm safe guys really………….really scary who knows how many forest fires this crap is going cause ….what a mess…lucky no ones dead….and it was a cold wet day

  • Well,… least there is still a cheap plastic chair to sit on.
    Crap, where’s that vape pen I had?

  • Open up that can of whoop ass!!

  • Oil labs are the same as Meth labs, both have no place in our community. Until people can run safe regulated operations this is going to become the new norm. Joy

  • Clean it up yourself

    Here’s a fun fact that no one will answer for. Kmud has a community class ad section and you can’t sell firearms, alcohol,or drugs… okay, fair enough I guess, but one of the major underwriters recently is the BHOgart place in eureka. Lame. Your biggest underwriter sells shit that blows up our forest

  • So over people freaking out about butane.. Yes its a stupid way to extract hash but for fucks sake no more dangerous than the propane in everyone’s yard and if they can’t get butane I don’t see why they won’t use propane considering its almost chemically identical.. The acetylene that everyone used in shop class is far more dangerous that stuff is shock sensitive and has to be dissolved to be transported safely.. Better watch out next time you see the eureka oxygen truck people lol omg the devil butane gas is on there WERE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Of course it is more dangerous than the propane in your yard. Did you just move here? When did you ever hear of a propane tank blowing up unless it was caught in a hot fire? Maybe a fire started by a dab-lab? People have been blowing themselves up, burning people out of their apartments, and threatening to burn down communities with dab-labs for years now. My dad and I fooled around with old miners’ lamps that used carbide/water to produce acetylene. BFD. Yes, with oxygen it can be dangerous, but how often does a welder blow the house up? We’ll see how dangerous it is if someone blows themselves up and starts a conflagration this summer.

    • I believe it’s the idiots that operate this stuff that peoeple are over.

  • Quick , sweep this one under the carpet so all the assholes can pretend the weed industry is just simple mom and pop growers.

  • Terps make everything else obsolete

  • This was one of the most asinine things I’ve witnessed in my entire life. Evacuate a mile in each direction for what is essentially a small tank of butane? Close the road? Not to mention that a tank of nitrogen is listed as a hazard? Nitrogen is an inert gas that is actually used to put fires out.
    Haven’t talked to any of my firefighting friends, but they regularly put out fires when there are 500 gallon propane bottles next to the structure. Don’t try to argue these butane bottles are more dangerous– they are not. I am familiar with the design of the dewars (bottles) of nitrogen and butane since I worked with Boeing to design systems to keep their planes from blowing up.

    Describing this as a “disaster” as one person did, is the definition of overreaction and ignorance. It is a shed that burned down. Nothing more. Butane hash oil production is not a good or safe way to extract, but this was ridiculously overblown. Probably for political reasons.

    • 3rd Degree Dabs

      Research BHO labs blowing up. Look at some of the destruction the explosions have caused.

      • I googled just that. BHO labs blowing up. Saw some terrible damage to structures, but when reading about it more it seems most of the damage is done from the fire caused by the initial explosion. Regardless, evacuating a mile radius was a ridiculous decision. Closing the road is not justified unless there was a close and direct line to traffic. We are talking about a relatively small tank of butane, not an IED. Respectfully, NAN

    • “I worked with Boeing to design systems to keep their planes from blowing up. ” — Ya and I was actually the one who created facebook.

      • Really?

        • Yes really. I worked with them, other airlines, aviation safety companies, the FAA, and the NTSB to adress the recurring problems with 747s fuel tanks blowing up. This was the cause of the TWA Flight 800 explosion, and it had been happening before and after every 3 years or so.
          Extensive wiring harnesses pass through the fuel tanks–especially the center wing fuel tanks (CWFTs). When these tanks are partially empty, there is a very flammable area of fumes at the top of the tank (known as the ullage). Sometimes these tank are pumped dry accidentally and the pump at the bottom is left running and shorts out and causes an explosion.
          Whatever the cause, I helped design a system that monitored the O2 (oxygen) level in the ullage in the tanks, and injected enough nitrogen to keep the oxygen level below 9% therefore not enough oxygen to allow ignition.
          Despite opposition by the industry, since it costs money, FAA mandated a version of this system about ten years ago. Respectfully, NAN

    • Notaninja,
      I have seen numerous propane tank failures. Most have been barbeque tanks laying on their sides in rubbish while the tops sides were exposed to flame. Lots of fun. I have seen about a dozen 25 gallon tanks along side of burning buildings where the flames impinged on the top part of the tank. (Garberville Fireman’s Hall) The valves melted out and blue flames shot 20 to 30 feet in the air. It’s hard to say what might have happened if they had tipped over.

      Larger tanks are usually set in more accessible places and their safety valves are more reliable. If water can be sprayed on them, to keep them cool, they are relatively safe.

      Every fire is a balance between risk and opportunity, and training is critical. Would it have bothered me to approach this fire cautiously? Hell no, was their a need? Hell no. There is always that balance that calls judgement. Was anybody hurt or injured?Nope. Was there any need to risk firefighters for an already destroyed building? Nope. It’s fun to play “what if” when lives are not at risk. Most people on this blog can tell you what a firefighter will risk, and do, when there is a need!

      • Thank you for sharing your knowledge. You have personal observations and apparently technical also. Was there a need to approach this fire? Probably not. I agree there is no reason to risk anything or anyone on an already destroyed building–especially one that will not be rebuilt!
        If you reread my post, you will see that my criticisms are that the road was closed and there was a one mile radius evacuation imposed. I think that was a complete overreaction and question the decision. People were actually discussing closing South Fork High School. A 500 pound bomb would have barely been heard at SFHS, nor would it have done any damage, much less a small bottle of butane. From what I saw in the Google Earth photos on this site, even the worst case scenario you describe of containers failing, it doesn’t seem that it would have any impact on the road, much less that one mile evac.
        Respectfully, NAN

    • Retired R.E. Agent

      I believe that the home propane tanks are smaller than 200 gallons (not 500 as you state in the above) and, according to building codes at least in Humboldt County, if not the entire state, must be a minimum of 30 feet from the dwelling, not next to it, as you write, nor INSIDE of it as this one was.

      • I have lived here for more decades than I want to admit. Almost everyone in the hills have 500 gallon tanks. I’ve had winters (January 2001) where I used that much in one month for heat. You cannot expect the propane companies to service all these rural customers if there is a 200 gallon capacity.
        I see 500 gallon tanks closer than 30 feet to the home all time. I also don’t think it is a good thing. Thirty feet may be code now, but I don’t think it was always so. My permitted house has the propane supply inches from my bedroom wall.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    The plastic chair company could run ads about how tough and resistant their chairs are in the dab-lab lifestyle. You think YOU party hearty and hardy? Hah!

    BHOgart could run ads about the super quality of their stainless steel. You might not survive, but your extractor will.

  • That was ,,,, wrong?

  • Officer Stadanko

    We have to have probable Cause. Move along, nothing to see here.

  • This mess is brought to you by trim scene solutions! And the bho store in eureka! Don’t you just love their contributions! !

    • Clean it up yourself

      Fuck both those stores and whoever owns them
      They are not in it for the community,no matter how many music events they throw or go to. A buncha rich green rushers trying to get richer, just like all the other asshole rich people in America

  • “Life and property are our first concern.” – While I understand somewhat, this guy I’m sure put lives and or other peoples PROPERTY in danger by causing a fire. I do admit it took some guts to stick around and wait for the fire dept/police I think most people would have left the scene. Not sure I agree with not arresting him though. But even if they would have he would’ve been booked and released I’m sure.

  • That’s unacceptable, I’m pretty sure the [edit] brothers know something about it.

  • The [edit] brother can afford the fine, not a big deal

  • I guess the cops found 2800 plants near buy .don’t know if conceded .,but who ever it is brought alot of heat to salmon creek . Whoopsie

  • If someone had gotten killed fighting this fire it would be a long ass sentence for the cook. Hanging around to be sure that didn’t happen was in someone’s best interest.
    Death occurs in commission of a felony and you can kiss your sorry ass good bye.

  • when we were young we didn’t have many places to skateboard so if we found a secret spot we kept it a secret..if some ass clowns found out about it they would go and trash it up and ruin it for all of us.Same with growing.remember when things were more secretive.too many ass clown blew up the spot and ruined it for all.They go to their shit hole towns and invite all the ass clown friends back to humboldt for a big party.then they find out its hard work and they leave all their trash behind.we used to only deal with good we got people with rhinestones on the Jean pockets driving a 50k diesel zooming around like tony took years to get into a grow they come from out of state and cut trees down and blow it up.Plus people are leasing their land to idiots.

  • …like he meant to fuck up and burn up the place. People get complacent and bad shit happens as it has always been throughout human history. All I know is that bho is awesome.

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