‘Likely Not Going to Be a Quick Fix,’ Sheriff’s Spokesman Says About Salmon Creek Hash Fire Evacuations


The reported hash lab burning at the bottom of Salmon Creek which forced evacuations in the area could take awhile to put out, according to Lt. Mike Fridley of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. “This could go on overnight,” he explained.

Firefighters aren’t being allowed in to fight the incident. “At this point we aren’t fighting it,” he explained. “It is too dangerous…They are looking to get a helicopter to fly over the top of [the incident].”

The helicopter crews will be looking to see if the fire “has put itself out or is just smoldering,” he said.

The fire is only about 100 yards off of Salmon Creek Road, Fridley explained. So residents west of the incident will not be allowed to evacuate towards town. They are being asked to go to Salmon Creek School up Thomas Road. Orange flags have been placed at strategic points up Thomas Road directing residents to the school. Those east of the incident can head towards Hwy 101.

Although authorities briefly considered evacuating South Fork High School, that is no longer being considered.

“We’ve got time on our side,” Fridley said. “Obviously, life comes before property.”

Salmon Creek residents that live west of the white circle on the map below are being asked to go Salmon Creek School.



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