Home Burned Today Belonged to Local Paramedic’s Family

The home that burned near Arcata today belonged to the Hurd family. (See earlier post here.) Kaycee Hurd is a paramedic for City Ambulance and frequently works in both Fortuna and Southern Humboldt.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family by City Ambulance of Eureka. Below is the photo and statement from that page. Kaycee Hurd is the one wearing the yellow shirt below.

11630681_1464037118.3846Today a loved, caring and very important part of our community and a long time employee of our company…tragically lost their family home to an unexpected fire.   They are always the first to give any comfort and support emotionally and financially when someone finds themselves in need.  They have provided all of us with their selflessness for years and it is our time to give back.  Please show the Hurds how much we appreciate them in our community and in our lives.  Any financial support you can give is much appreciated and needed.

The fire trucks are still leaving the scene as of 6:50 p.m. and the community has begun donating generously. Over $4000 has already been given in four hours. If you would like to help, click the link here.



  • Thank you for picking up this story,and contributing to the cause. The Hurd Family are what make this community so special!

  • I believe they are the ones who have the Christmas Tree farm too! They are a great family all the way around… So sad somethings like this happen to good people

  • What a beautiful family; hard work and lots of love radiate from their photo. Thank you, Kym. I’m in. af

  • Insurance??? Did they not have fire insurance? Who doesn’t have fire insurance?

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