Construction Crew Destroys Power Pole in Myers Flat; Some Services Out

IMG_0471A construction crew working all night repaving the on ramp in Myers Flat caused a power outage for about 300 residents of the small town early this morning.

Myers Flat resident Myrna Eastham sent in the following report:

At 2:46 a.m. this morning, a telephone line, which was attached to a PG&E pole was accidentally caught by equipment and the top of the PG&E power pole was broken off, carrying the transformer and lines down and hitting the roof of the 2 Dye 4 Design shop.   No injuries were reported but the roof overhang will need a face lift and it was reported that there were lots of “fireworks” but no other damage.   Power is out in some units of the Log Chapel Apartment complex including the Myers Flat Post Office and will be out for about eight hours.   PG&E will be putting in a new power pole. Some people will be with out telephone service.

The ramps on the south of Myers Flat are now open, both on and off.

The on and off ramps at the north end of Myers Flat (by the Myers Inn) have an estimated open time of 8:00 a.m. this morning.



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