CHP Releases Report on Man Who Crawled Out of Accident After Five Days

Press release from the California Highway Patrol: (See earlier story and map here.)

On the evening of Monday, May 16th, the driver of a Ford F-150 sustained major injuries after driving his vehicle off the roadway and down a steep embankment on SR-36 near Grizzly Creek.

At approximately 8:00 p.m., 31 year old Ventsislav Aleksandrov Donchev of Chicago IL, was driving a 2004 Ford F-150, eastbound on SR-36 from Fortuna.  For unknown reasons Mr. Donchev lost control of his vehicle.  The vehicle drove off the roadway and down a steep embankment.  Mr. Donchev sustained major injuries as a result of the collision.

After the collision Mr. Donchev attempted to climb up the steep embankment to the roadway above.  Due to the extent of his injuries he was unable to make it far from his vehicle.  Mr. Donchev attempted to use his cell phone to call for help numerous times, but was unable to due to no cell phone service in that area.  Over the next few days Mr. Donchev kept attempting to climb up to the roadway.  On Friday May 20th Mr. Donchev was finally successful at climbing up to the roadway where he was able to flag down a passing motorist.   Mr. Donchev was transported by ground ambulance to Redwood Memorial Hospital.

DUI is not believed to be a factor in this collision.  The CHP Humboldt Area office is investigating this traffic collision.



  • This guy is from eastern Europe .They are all saying they are from Chicago that’s what their Bulgarian bosses have told them to say .I heard this directly form one of their workers .Why won’t the cops doing anything about the Bulgarian mafia

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  • DUI is not believed to be a factor. Just another Shitty driver on HWY 36! Lucky he didn’t kill someone. Like YOU! Or someone you care about. Not really sure if the survival of such a lousy driver is a positive thing. You probably have to be doing a pretty good clip to miss that corner. Nobody really cares about his ethnicity, we have enough Crappie local drivers. Every time I get on the road I see big 4x’s who can’t stay in their lane in a straightaway. Tailgater’s who are annoyed because you want to do the speed limit. Texting cell phone user’s not watching the road. Not to mention the drunks and just plain dimwits. I’d say suspend their licenses. But I don’t think that would stop them. Maybe a special driving camp. Working on the side of the road picking up trash, where they can observe bad driving up close.

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