Help a Firefighter Recover His Lost Dog

lost dog, riverA firefighter on a call last night out to Island Mountain brought along his female black lab. He had to leave her alone at one point and she jumped out of the truck.

“Her name is River. She will come if called,” the owner says. If you have any information, the owner’s number is (707) 223-1372.



  • “Her name is River. She will come if called”
    If I see her will driving around Eureka, I will call out. ( HaHa! )
    Really, I hope they are together soon.

  • Shared. I hope she finds her way home. Never been a fan of dogs in the back of trucks….

    • I still love Humboldt.

      Doesn’t say back of truck. It just says jumped out of truck. Maybe window of fire truck.

  • Hope you find her, labs can pretty rambunctious. Males like wander. Females are loyal, she looks like a very sweet girl. There’s a lot of country out there.

  • I really appreciate the firefighter helping out on Island Mtn. I hope an unhurt River returns to him today. Was he able to hitch a ride back and leave his truck so she’d have a place to return to?

  • I learned this from a native american.

    Leave your jacket or a coat near where you last saw her.

    the dog will be attracted to your smell and will await your return.

  • I pray for her safe return

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