[LOCATED] Man Traveling From Sacramento to Zenia Reported Missing

Lake County News posted about a man missing since Tuesday. They write,


…John Thomas Maiers was last seen on Monday at the Sacramento Airport, according to the Glenn County Sheriff’s Office.

The following day, Maiers’ friend, Brett McLucas, reported Maiers missing, authorities said.

The sheriff’s office said Maiers was traveling to the Kettenpom Store in Zenia in a white 2006 Subaru Wagon, with a Minnesota Plate 005HYY.

Maiers was supposed to meet McLucas at the Kettenpom Store at 7:30 p.m. Monday but never arrived, according to the report.


The map below shows the shortest route that Maiers could have taken in blue. Other possible routes are shown in dark grey.

Lake County News has more on the missing man here.

UPDATE Sunday: The Round Valley Tribal Police report that they have located the Mr. Maier.



  • We did get some winter like weather. Hopefully he is just stuck in snow ( if there was any at some of the high forest service roads ). I heard they shut Donner Pass for a short while.

  • That would be an unlikely route for him to take. It would have been more likely for him to have come across on Hwy 20 to 101 up to Garberville and up Alderpoint Rd.

  • There is no Kettenpom Store in Zenia. It’s in Kettenpom.

  • Why was he at the Sacramento Airport? I would think he would take I5 to 36 & across to zenia/kettenpom area.

  • I agree, most people would take the 20 to 101 and then up the hill from Garberville. I hope they find him.

  • My Prayers are with him and his family & Friends. I Pray that he show’s up very soon💒💜

  • hope hes just lost and found somewhere to wait out the storm…lots of area to look in such a short time…hope all is well

    • sharpen your pencil

      Very likely. People don’t realize how sparse gas stations are in the mountains…. Could have run out of gas on a wrong turn, people driving via GPS can do some goofy things. Hopefully he didn’t run into the not so neighborly Tweakbillies….

  • Who nows what his GPS gave him for a rout could have gon through covalo moor than one person’s have disaperd along that rold. Prares n peace I hope you find your way.

  • He was reportedly found out at the Black Butte campground east of Covelo on the 19th. Our local Tribal Police shared the update???

  • Hopefully the screenshot shows up?

  • He was found in covelo Yesturday by forest service fire crews by the black butte campground. From my understanding.

  • Several scenic routes through the Mendecino National Forest, from I5 to 101, one main one that dumps out in Covelo. We got snowed in there during a freak Spring storm. Also very remote and many side roads. Hopefully he is just lost or brokedown.

  • Thank goodness his friend reported him missing right away. I pray they find him with his broken down car!
    Keep us updated please.

  • I would think a check along the cliffs on 36 would be in order. BTW no one is going over donner pass to get to humboldt from sac . I 5 to 20 to 101 most common . Though some who like to take scenic routes might go up to 36 instead . Highway 20 has a lot of traffic so it’s more likely not to be wrecked unseen over an edge in comparison to 36 . Then again he might have taken bell springs from the south to get to zenia . Plenty of area to disappear there

  • Maybe he don’t want to be found

  • So glad he was located.

  • veterans friend

    Funny how people comment without bothering to read what is posted. I get laughs every day from this

  • It’s the journey, not the destination!..Our society has gotten pathetically codependent. GPS, texting, e-mails. Jeee’z CUT THE CORD! Bring back FREEDOM!

  • It’s Kenny Loggins! Cool!

  • Hurry up and quit taking pictures! This crop ain’t gonna plant itself!!

  • Goot one!

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