First Fawn?

705a66a8-e531-4d97-a6ed-af41b0011e26Trembling legs, big eyes and dots like the creator’s hands were still white with clay when they set it on its feet….Have you seen your first fawn yet this year ?2e395c5c-cac5-4371-96d1-d40f9737ce8b

Thanks to photographer Bobbi Wisby for sharing her first sighting with the rest of us.



  • So adorable!it’s really nice to see,maybe it’s a sign of good things ahead.sweet

  • Yep, Momma ran off the road. One fawn stayed with her the other just laid down in the middle of the road. I had to move it off the road. Mom stood by and watched. She came right back and got after I drove past.

  • Very cute!
    I remember seeing my first fawn. It wasn’t long legged like Bambi or a horse colt, rather short stubby legs with fat body. I thought it was deformed. Now I know better, of course.

  • “dots like the creator’s hands were still white with clay when they set it on its feet…”

    Wow! that’s so beautifully put….I may have to “borrow” that 🙂

  • A few weeks ago I was in the woods and proceeding cautiously in shorts through some poison oak. I had my attention on the ground right in front of me and walked up within a few feet of a fawn that was hiding. It jumped up, I yelled, but it went only ten feet away, so we had some nice quality time together. I turned and slowly moved away and it bounced a few bounces, and waited til I had moved on and then it returned to its hideaway. Later in the afternoon I saw it trailing along after its mother. Sweet.

  • I like how they lay so flat and motionless. I heard, but I don’t know, that a fawn has no odor that a predator can pick up on, and if they lay real still chances are that they can avoid being eaten. It is a cinch that they can’t outrun anything that could eat them, so laying still is their only option. Mother Nature is a Bitch!

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