When Kids You Know Do Great: South Fork High School Rotary Awards and Scholarships 2016

South fork High school (1 of 1)Press release from South Fork High School:

2016 Rotary Scholarships:

Madisyn Salomon, Antonia Navarrete, Ella Scott, Emily Eib, Alea Ahola, Ethan Wolf, Dakota Cox, Sidney Stevens, Jasmine Carr

2016 Rotary Certificate of Achievement Awards


Math: Aryanna Schmollinger, daughter of Paul Schmollinger and Saundra Stephenson

Music: Shane Kirk, son of Gretta Kirk

Art: Emma Lively, daughter of Crystal Worthy and Eric Lively

Career & Technical Education: Jasmine Todd, daughter of Evie and Rick Todd & Ayden Gallagher, son of Faith Hoffman

Science: Nadya Verick, daughter of Lucy Setyowati and Karl Verick

English: Ijal Morgan, son of Mishu Minter

PE: Cooper Scott, son of Rebecca Crossland and Matt Scott


Social Science: Maya Quiggle, daughter of Stephen and Melody Quiggle

Math: Colton Gurreri, son of Jesse and Rebel Gurreri

Drama: Chance McFarland, son of Steve and Rebecca McFarland

Music: Acacia Courtemanche, daughter of Laura Jones and Joaquin Courtemanche

Art: Jasmine Krastes, daughter of Jessika Lapriore and Chad Krastes

Career & Technical Education: Andika Verick, son of Lucy Setyowati and Karl Verick & Izaac Young, son of Jennifer Bates and Jeff Young

Science: Kamia Way, daughter of Julie Moore and Michael Way

English: Madison Burnett, daughter of Rhonda and Todd Burnett

PE: Jon Jon Gotcher, son of Tami Whitlow

Spanish: Kylee Girard, daughter of Laura Birght


Social science: Raya Mahony, daughter of John and Jacqueline Mahony

Math: Katy Johnson, daughter of Rebecca August and Ross Johnson

Music: Sky Allen, son of Steve and Shalako Allen

Art: Gabriel Moore, daughter of Eric and Shawni Moore

Career & Technical Education: Devon Willner, son of Virgil and Karman Willner & Joe Peralta, son of Guillermo Peralta

Science: Jenny Booth, Daughter of Tom an Jody Booth

English: Maricela Lopez, Daughter of Manuel and Maria Lopez

PE: Joseph Peralta, son of Guillermo Peralta


Social Science: Ella Scott, daughter of Rebecca Crossland and Matt Scott

Math: Ashleigh Harrison, daughter of Jack and Sandy Harrison

Drama: Cody Bowen, son of Ethel Telegadas

Music: Raven Mood, son of Reuben Mood and Angela Zane

Art: James Wilde, son of Jim Wilde

Career & Technical Education: Dakota Cox, son of Gina Muhs and South Cox & Justus Kessler, son of Caralie Hicks

Science: Kevin Vandenack, son of Todd and Sally Vandenack

English: Jorin Eddy, son of Maria Gale

PE: Jasmine Carr, daughter of Misty Wyatt and John Carr



  • Way to go…excel…reach your highest!
    Proud of you, Kylee Girard
    and all your friends and fellow students!

  • Congratulations to all.good luck in college!!!

  • Kym
    Thank-you so much for giving these young people the credit they so richly deserve. One of the reasons that I joined the Rotary Club so many years ago was for the great work that they do with and for the students. I had the honor of giving out the two Ray Hartig scholarship awards.

    The young people at South Fork have also formed an Interact Club, which is a high-school aged Rotary Club. Their project this year was to send solar panels, cell phone chargers, radios, fishing lights, and hut lights. All of which run off solar energy, to the poor folks in Africa. The Africans love the kits and take great care of them.

  • Marcia Mendels

    Congratulations to everyone, students and parents! And thanks for spreading the good word, Kym–it sure is nice to see so many names I know.

  • Congrats students. May you succeed in life.

  • Congratulations to all!

  • Carol Smith Chandler

    As a 1959 graduate it is good to see what students are achieving & they are being rewarded

  • veterans friend

    YAY Jenny Booth…and every one else of course!!!

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