Two Break Into Blue Lake Business; Do You Recognize Them?


About 2:30 yesterday morning, R & B Auto in Blue Lake was broken into by a man and a woman. The two individuals took three sets of keys for vehicles the business has for sale.

The videos below show the thieves from various angles. Because of the lighting, the top two videos make the criminals look like they are wearing white. But the bottom shows the dark color of their clothing. (Note: the owner says the time clock is off in the video.) If you are only going to look at one, the top video shows the young man most clearly.

A third person is believed to have been driving a car that dropped the thieves off at the business.

If you do recognize the perpetrators or have any other information, please call either the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or call R&B Auto at (707) 668-1772.



  • How does the idea of stealing stuff even pop into ones head????? He’s stylin’ because he keeps his stickers on his hat. #sofresh

  • OMG no rocket scientist . there The clown pulls his hoodie up after he breaks into the gate lol diffently tweekers . They were tweek in .for sure buy there movement s on the video

  • Couple of first class losers.

  • Female looks familiar but can’t think of a name. I think I dealt with her when I worked Security at the Casino. If the Sheriff has not done so yet see if the Casino Security / Surveillance
    can ID them.

  • Chances are excellent to absolutely certain they have been in Blue Lake Casino wearing those clothes. The sheriff should ask the casino security to check their video tapes and ask their security force about these losers.

  • it’s hard to say for sure… but I’m pretty sure that guys name is Kevin. I don’t know his last name, but that looks a lot like the guy who burgled my friends house in Fortuna. I do know that he frequents bear river and blue lake.

  • Did anyone show up at the local hospital for an eye injury around this time? It looks like he got something in his eyes after trying to kick in the lower part of the building. Also, they appear to be around 16 for the male and 15 for the female. Also, are those disposable white cotton-knit gloves that they are wearing? People working with film processing wear these to avoid fingerprints. If y look at these videos for a longer time, you might pick something up. Where did they get the white truck? Was it theirs?

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