Man Crawls to Road After Accident Five Days Ago

According to a witness in Swains Flat which is on Hwy 36, a man was “dropped off here” by someone who found him beside the road. The witness said the man, who had dried blood on his face and back injuries, described being in a car accident near Devil’s Elbow five days ago. He finally managed to make it up to the road and was eventually found and brought to the store in Swains Flat.

The witness said that she believed the man who was in “his 20’s or 30’s” was the only occupant of the car. When we spoke to her about 6:45 p.m., an ambulance had already arrived and taken the man to the hospital.

Per the California Highway Patrol Incident page at 5:34 p.m. the reporting person told them, “Male pty stated just was able to climb out to the rdwy and get a ride to the store // male is bulgarian and his veh went o/side 5 days ago // is all bloody.”

The Incident page reports that at 6:40 p.m. someone located the grey mini pickup with “major roll over damage”  100 feet over the side near mile marker 16.28.

Map is centered on mile marker 16.28.

UPDATE 9:07 p.m.: CHP is now calling this a major injury accident.



  • Interesting note he is Bulgarian . There is a lot of those here lately .

    • Boxer or Breif

      Walk into any grow store and you feel like you’re in Eastern Europe.

    • Actually Bulgarians have been here for years. When I lived out in Panther Gap, about 20 years ago, we had a bunch down by the river.

      • The people who live on the river in panther gap are, and have always been Pollock’s not Bulgarians.

  • Bulgarians cannot be killed by conventional weaponry.

  • Wow! That was quite the Pilgrimage! Glad he made it back to safety.

  • Dude that’s bulgnarlian

  • They were not Bulgarian s the were Norwegians ass cap if you really know ud know that .out in panther gap way down in the bottom down buy the river .

    • You live in a van down by the river?

    • You have no idea what you are talking about. I bet you have never even been out to panther gap. There is definitely no Norwegians at all. The brothers that owned the property next to stansbury’s piece on the Mattole are POLISH.

  • Glad he made it out alive.. could have been there for years and never found. Praise God..

  • Was probably like 5 days at the spa compared to 5 days back in Bulgaria, hope he had some vodka to keep him warm it was coooold las night,

  • Here’s him hiking out

  • This is not the first time that has happened on that corner! It happened to a woman in almost the same spot about 6or 7 years ago. I am glad he is ok!

  • I was the one who picked him up and he was is in so much pain he couldn’t even move for the first 4 days he said he just stared at his truck hanging in some trees with no roof on it anymore hoping someone would find him. When no one did he forced himself to climb up the cliff. He said he would never wish this on even his worst enemies. I told him how lucky he was that he made it cause most people that crash there die

    • Katie, the CHP is now calling this a major injury accident. You probably helped save his life. Thank you.

    • I vouldnt vish thees on my vorst enemies.. Ok, maybe my vorst.

    • wow.. thanks katie
      i went off the road at the gville/rway bluffs many yrs ago, i vouldn’t vish it eizer
      i think the little bulgaria in humboldt county has been around a long time just gonna get bigger
      i think a little tourist map to honeydew/the gap this wiki info, come see an international cartel grow:

      Bulgaria is a Balkan nation with diverse terrain encompassing Black Sea coastline, rivers, including the Danube, and a mountainous interior. A cultural melting pot with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman and Persian influences, it has a rich heritage of traditional dance, music, costumes and crafts. At the foot of domed Vitosha mountain is its capital, Sofia, dating to the 5th century B.C.E. … a little background
      people can photograph them chain smoking in the one spot that gets reception
      102 things to dew in humboldt!
      maybe one for the blocksburg russians too
      trinity pines
      we know who i think its nice its more mixed here now but yea…. how do u defend from a gypsy? the gypsy claw?

    • Katy: thank you for your compassion. I am so glad you gave him a ride when he needed it…

    • Saved that mans life guy went survival mode that nuts

    • Thank you for the update, what a story. You always be remembered by a man from Bulgaria as a guardian angel.

    • Your halo is showing

  • Ran out of vodka on the 5th day …

  • Crazy! Our pager went off for the call and they reported 3 days. Now 5? So lucky to be alive

  • bulgies r meanies

    Sorry but it may be karma for threatening neighbors to sell their land to them, I know a few folks being strong-armed by their new Bulgarian neighbors. They are threatened with violence everyday. The bulgies must be paying the cops off as they are rarely busted even by the feds.

    They were busted in so hum while operating chop shops (stolen cars) on their properties along with water diverting pot gardens about 10 yrs ago.
    I hope immigration is called, they are way worse than some Mexican working at sun valley farms#!! (Referenced due to immigration raid there).
    If you wanna see truly awful pot grows, look no further than these guys!!! hoping they all leave the area before they kill some local folks, it’s getting to that point.

    • Don’t worry: in the few years after full legalization, there will be a huge sucking sound as most the grows and cash will leave the area for placed like Fresno and Bakersfield and they can go back to chopping up cars.

    • Some of their people are involved in human trafficking as well.
      Yet to be fair, our local Bulgy’s may have no connection.

    • Are you people serious?? You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. That is some nasty racial profiling. I know a lot of these guys and have seen their places. They do better than their gross hillbilly neighbors at keeping their place clean. And the reason they dont get raided as much is because they are coming into compliance and have respect for local authority. Most of them dont like guns or even other bulgarians. They are not the ones poisoning the environment or polluting water sources. I know that for a fact. So know what you are talking about before you open your ignorant mouth.

      • Pretty sure you mean “nationalist profiling”

      • No kidding, sounds like idiots just piling on with what they think is a good story. We won’t find anybody more derelict than my brethren: our good Ole boy homgrown tweakertrash.

  • Wholly crap dude,you have a story to tell the Grand kids!glad your doing ok,have a speedy recovery

  • If they get popped the bulgy ambassador claims they are all diplomats & thusly granted immunity. . Hah!

  • Devil’s elbow must be just south of Satin’s Arm pit. Don’t drink and drive. Slow down, you got lucky.

  • It makes me sad to see so many negative comments about his ethnicity, the guy almost died and is lucky to be alive, and almost everyone is to busy making comments on his race. We are all human! And a human life no matter what race is important. In life or death situations who really cares where they are from. I’ve seen just as many locals be violent and destroy our forests so they can grow, not to mention cause all kinds of issues for our law enforcement to deal with. I just wish in situations like this we could put our differences aside and just know we are ALL human and we ALL live on this earth. It’s not the time and place for a race debate. I worked out 36 at one of the stores and a lot of the Bulgarians who would come in were super respectful and would even tip us a few bucks just for helping them and doing our job. Thank God he was able to muster up the strength to get to the road and get help, I’m praying for a full recovery!

    • Bulgies Errywhere

      Even you were being bought off.. This isn’t about race (they’re white) lol,
      People are fascinated with the fact that Eastern European crime mafia is profiteering in our hills illegally and nothing is done or even said about it.
      News agencies or even the cops wont touch it. Between the Mexicans and the Europeans, ICE would have a full time job around here.

    • Speaking of destroying the forests, look a little further west on this map and check out all the roads and logging by the timber industry. And how is that different?

    • veterans friend

      Bulgarian is a NATIONALITY. Not a race. “Race” is a fictional concept anyway. Look it up

  • Such an awful ordeal to go through. I applaud the driver, Katie, who spotted him & helped him. I hope he pulls through completely healed.

  • Wtf is going on

    Was he a Illegal Immigrant, who is paying his hospital bills??? The American tax payer? Wtf, has this country gone mad?!

    • I just threw up in my mouth, humanity man, get some.

    • Oh yeah, YOUR taxes are going to go up because this one guy needs help. He probably could’ve died without medical help and thats all you can think of is your fucking tax dollars? You’re not fucking special you arrogant prick.

  • It took 5 days to crawl 100 feet? He must have either been really really hurt or was in no hurry.

  • Supposedly, a coyote won’t eat a Bulgarian.

  • He was in so much pain it made me cry he is so lucky he was able to get to the road. I watched the three cars in front of me pass him. He was very respectful and he even offered to get me something from store. He gave me a hand shack and said thank you so much before I left him. He was a very nice guy and it has nothing to do with his ethnicity. All of you that keep talking down on him cause of that are not decent people and you need a big can of act right. How would you feel if you were in his position? Think about that before you hate on him.

    • Your awesome Katie, for picking him up and for standing up for him. Speculating about wether or not he deserved it based on his race is sickening at best. But thankfully there’s also people like you in the world to help balance out the unethical people! Sounds like he might have had a broken back or at least was seriously injured, thank goodness you were there for him.

    • Katie, I’m glad someone like you came along when he needed you. And thank you for standing up for him here.

    • Thanks Katie.You are the best American Woman.

  • If that was Monday, my wife with our toddler was driving east on the curve going into the bridge at Swains Flat when a truck matching that description came flying around the corner on 2 wheels half in her lane, she barely screeched off the shoulder or they would have been creamed. If it was this guy or not screw these people, you don’t crash like this guy did on 36 if you were driving safe. That road has become a nightmare.

    • What description, a grey truck? There is more then one. He didn’t make it that far he crashed on the bluffs before grizzly Creek going out on the mnt

  • How many of you are American Indian? And if any A.I. and you are commenting negatively-For Shame. The rest of you commenting negatively should be and feel doubled shamed. Since AI were the first people here in the US, then everybody else is basically immigrants-right! So where does anybody else get off thinking they can make a racial neg. Comment about someone different then them. Understand somthing, anybody across the board, harming Mother Earth will get it back 7 fold. karma comes back, there is not just Bulgarians or Mexicans growing weed, even AI grow weed, caucasian, asian, African American, etc… yes the point I totally get, do not harm the land, and now-a-days many people harm the land. I think if you really want to be racist, be racist against the police, if they truly are being paid off-which I venture to think so, due to fact I know of. The pay off the police, and police on the take is our history, sad but, it is historical. With all that said, does anybody even care about a human being in need any more. Do you all forget that your human, you may be in this position someday. And nobody has fact that he is indeed a polluter, or illegal weed grower. Thankyou Katie for helping this fella, and genuinely caring, and not giving up on the human race. Thankyou to positive comments, the rest-Shame on you!!! Read what a Sin is, what Evil is, what a black heart is-you would be stunned that it is every person making ugly, negative, ill will thoughts towards anybody!!!

  • veterans friend

    Quite the material for a screenplay in the story plus the comments.

    ” The Bridgeville Bulgarian”

  • Katie’s an angel. I happened to be there yesterday when they pulled the truck up. It used to be a Ford F-150. The cab was non existent. I can’t believe he lived through it. Talked to one of the EMT’s and he said the guy drank water from the river. He didn’t have any visible broken bones but was very beat up about the head.

  • Didn’t expect anyone to be able to walk away from this

  • Note to Self: SLOW DOWN
    Change name to lucky and SLOW DOWN!

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