Wounded Warrior and Cinnamon Honey Check Each Other Out

Two local bears, one tasty patch of grass and spring… Love is in the air.
Tracker Kim Cabrera writes, “This pair of black bears is hanging around near each other, which usually means they are going to mate soon. The large one with the injured ear is the male. The brown-coated one is the female. They are feeding on spring grasses in this open field where the grass is really tasty right now.”
Next year…maybe we’ll see cubs.
Want to see more of local wildlife? You should be following Cabrera’s YouTube Channel here.


  • pretty bears
    had a 500 pounder wonder into deer camp last year
    it was lucky and survived
    my pup scared it when he got scared and barked running back to me
    and just cause im a hunter doesnt mean i dont enjoy watching wildlife . in fact i think i enjoy it more than most people do

  • Where is this?

  • Anybody know anything about the logging accident in the Shivley area yesterday? I heard on the scanner that copter 102 was medivacking o the victim to St. Joe’s around 11:30 am Tues. Just curious.

  • Kym- I like your names for the bears! 🙂

  • That is,…friggin’ awesome! Nice filming K.Cabrera. I always use bears as an argument against
    extreme diet theory’s . I had not known they eat grass. If you eat it and don’t die it is legitement food.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Great film kim,thank you. Used to love to watch them belly deep in native clover, pure heaven.Don’t knock it till ya tried it, sweet like honey.

  • All this moisture we had is really making some good feed. Those bears are in good shape. It’s good for the deer too. It also will make for high fire danger when all that grass dries up. Be sure to clear around your homes/cabins and out buildings.

  • Come back my little buttercup I have something for you!

  • Actually, the black bear population is extremely out of balance. Ever since hunting bears with dogs was banned their population has soared. In turn 80 to 90% of blacktail deer fawns are being eaten by the bears. It’s scientific fact. There are no empty spaces in nature!

    • A link to your facts? I also heard that over 50% of deer collared in a local fish and wildlife study were killed on the 101. But I was unable to substantiate this tale.

    • Yes please, facts. Although you are correct that bears eat a lot of fawns, “out of balance” isn’t really accurate. Predator and prey populations rise and fall in response to each other e.g., fox population grows; rat population decreases; fox population decreases in response to less food; rat populations increase; and so on.

      If you were to say that we should liberalize bear hunting to increase deer pops you might be right. However, my opinion is deer pops need to be better managed for the habitat on which they depend. Male/female deer ratios are way out of whack in CA so CA should adopt how they manage pops elsewhere which is allow limited doe hunting to get ratios back and fit herds to available habitat.

  • Love this! We use a trail cam on our land, and have gotten some nice images too (including one of the neighborhood bears taking night time swims in a pond). These images are so clear…wondering what brand & model camera is used…much better quality than ours.

  • Wow, great footage Kim!

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