Upcoming City of Fortuna Meetings

City of Fortuna BlurThe City of Fortuna has several important upcoming meetings in the next few weeks in regards to annexation and budget issues.

Tomorrow, May 19th, the City is hosting a Special Workshop which will be a review of the draft proposed 2016-17 Fiscal Year Annual Operating Budget for the City of Fortuna.  It’s important to note that according to the City, there will be an estimated operational deficit of $570,730.  Because of this, the use of General Fund Reserves in the same amount will be added to the projected revenues, which will balance the general fund budget for Fiscal Year 2016-17.  The meeting will be held at City Hall at 6 PM.

On May 24th, the regular Planning Commission Meet at City Hall at 7 PM.

On June 6th, the Fortuna City Council Meeting will take place and they will be considering  the Resolution of Application and associated actions in regards to the annexation of approximately 330.42 acres of land generally located along Newburg Road, Rohnerville Road, Loop Road, and Hilltop Drive and comprising the area identified in the City of Fortuna General Plan as the “Strongs Creek Valley Annexation Area” in its entirety. The meeting will be held at City Hall at 6 PM.




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  • That’s a lot of acres. I wonder why they feel the need to expand city limits.

    “n the formal act of acquiring something (especially territory) by conquest or occupation. “the French annexation of Madagascar as a colony in 1896” “a protectorate has frequently been a first step to annexation” Type of: acquisition. the act of contracting or assuming or acquiring possession of something.”

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  • Print this out and take it to the meeting. It will hold them accountable. Protect your property rights!
    (Council of governments = UN. UN = UNagenda21. UNagenda21 = UN non elected regional offices running your city, county, state.).

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