[UPDATE 5/20] Juvenile Escaped Detention Facility; Believed to be on Hwy 199

UPDATE 5/20: The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office reports, “This individual has been located and is currently in custody.”

UPDATE 9:36 p.m.: Press release obtained with the help of Lindsay Housaman of North Coast News.

CaptureOn the morning of May 17, 2016, slightly after 9 a.m., a youth incarcerated at the Bar-O Boys’ Ranch escaped the facility. His escape was noticed within minutes and staff mobilized to pursue and apprehend him. With assistance from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office, and additional staff from the Probation Division, a search of the area immediately adjacent to the Ranch was conducted.

At approximately 9:45 p.m. the youth was sighted and pursued by Probation and Ranch staff in the vicinity of Little Jones Creek Road, less than a mile from the Ranch. The youth evaded capture by fleeing into the Middle Fork of the Smith River. At approximately 1 a.m. the morning of the 18th he was located nearby and again evaded capture, injuring a Ranch Youth Counselor in the process.

The search for the youth is ongoing with help from Del Norte County Search and Rescue, California Highway Patrol, and other local and state agencies. He is believed to still be in the vicinity of Little Jones Creek Road along Highway 199.
The youth is a male Hispanic, 17 years of age, 5’8” tall, 120 pounds, brown eyes and black hair. He wears glasses but it is unknown if he is still in possession of them. He was last seen wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.
The Del Norte County Probation Department is advising all residents and travelers along Highway 199 to contact the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Dispatch non-emergency line at (707) 464-4191 or the Del Norte County Probation Department at (707) 464-7243 with any information regarding this youth’s whereabouts.

Original post below when we only had Caltrans advisory and CMS signs. :


Information on a Changeable Message Sign on Hwy 101 near the turnoff to Hwy 199. [Screengrab from Caltrans QuickMap.]

Two male juveniles have escaped from a detention facility and are believed to be on Hwy 199 in Del Norte County. In a burst of excessive description, the boys are said to be wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans. No other details are provided in order not to overwhelm the traveling public with excessive information such as hair and eye color or height. Sending out photos is apparently considered ridiculously over-helpful and the public is left to consider half the young male population as possible delinquents.

When the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office was contacted, the woman answering said she was not allowed to give out any details and the person who could was gone until tomorrow.

Meanwhile, if you should see two male juveniles that may be wearing white t-shirts and blue jeans on Hwy 199, you are advised to not approach them and to call 911.

Below is the advisory given to Caltrans.

NOTE: Because we are somewhat unbelieving that two juvenile offenders could have escaped from detention and the community is given no more information than the sketchy information offered above, we diverged from a neutral journalistic tone into sarcasm. We hope you understand.



  • Ernie Branscomb

    I believe the word that you are looking for is ‘incredulity’.

    It’s a new millenium.

  • This is the Bar-O Boys Ranch which is on US 199 about 30 miles northeast of Crescent City. There are very few residences in the area as it is mainly forest service land. The two who escaped would have to hike a long way to “civilization”.

    • JustWantToSeeHowItEnds

      May have had someone waiting for them. Could be in the back of a van on I-5 headed south…

  • It’s only one kid and the description isn’t given to verify the 911 calls are accurate based on a reverse description.

    • That makes some sense. But doesn’t it seem like the very skimpiness of description would keep folks from calling in anything? I know I wouldn’t bother. UPDATE: Press release says you were right about there only being one. Thank you.

  • the misadventures of bunjee

    If you haven’t traveled 199 50 times already, you’d have no clue where you are or even which direction to go and for how long. If he tries to hike out on a fire road he may be lost and never found. As already said, that is a LONG hike either direction, but is traveled frequently by CalTrans, CalFire AND CHP on a regular basis.

  • Hope the kid gets the help he needs.

  • Bar O has no fences like you would expect around a prison so walking away is not unheard of and has happened before. There are a few houses in the area but no ready food sources unless this kid is good at foraging from the local forest store. He won’t last long without a good meal unless he manages to get a ride out of the area.

  • I guess ‘youths’ don’t have names. (sarc)

    • I expect that his name is not being released because he is a juvenile. His photo will help a passerby identify him. His name wouldn’t and his name could be searched on the internet after his name should be expunged from the records.

      • Good reporting. Kinda. Bad turnaround on how the events unfolded according to media. NOT directed at KYM.

  • I’d like to know more about what this youngster is escaping from. Many of these “facilities” are ideological torture chambers designed to assuage adults’ badge-heavy attitudes and parenting failures, and offer only homage to gods unknown. af

    • I’ve been to the facility for a visit and let me tell you it’s a pretty awesome place, laid back on an awesome flat. The word is that this kid has escaped other detention facilities in the past. Now he’s definitely headed to CDCR/ big boy prison.

      • Thank you for this. I’ve been reading their literature. Having a friend who has been through some of these internment camps, I had to ask. Thanks again, and good luck to the youngster. af

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