Flags on Main Street Program


Flags from September 11th tribute. [Photo Credit: Sandi Petersen]

A new program has been established to help bring a beautiful show of patriotism to Fortuna’s Main Street.  According to the Fortuna Sunrise Rotary’s webpage, The Fortuna Sunrise Rotary and a group of local business people and citizens are working together to line Main Street Fortuna with American flags from 8th Street to Rohner Park entrance during major holidays and events.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a flag and memorial plaque for $50, please visit their webpage.

They’re hoping to put out over 130 flags on holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence day, Flag Day, Veterans Day, and September 11. The first day planned is Memorial Day, May 30, 2016.



  • Love this idea. The flags look gorgeous all lined up and blowing in the wind. Gorgeous up at the cemetery on Memorial Day also.

  • This was done years ago in Fortuna by the Jr. Chamber of Commerce as I recall. There were flag holders on business or in the sidewalks.

  • This is a distraction, to make you feel all homey and patriotic for America while the city council is being swooned by the UN agendas. Kym recently listed several important meetings the city of Fortuna is holding. I suggest we arm ourselves with knowledge and inform the PC BOS what they are being suckered into which strips the individual rights of citizens to own private property, & more.
    Rosa Koire website & videos is a good place to start. So is the AmericanPolicy .org site by Tom DeWeese.
    Eureka, Arcata, Santa Rosa, San Diego, … all up & down the coast, all across the nation, are being suckered into this takeover by NON elected, NON Local, NON life supporting agenda. How? Through peer pressure (other stupid BOS fell for it), Delphi technique meetings, Grant money to entice & control, and by lovely language that sounds so wonderful & sensible,
    Wake up north coast!
    A short intro. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NjqgdWcKLlk

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