Officer Involved Shooting in Siskiyou County Today Was Fatal

In an unusual coincidence, Siskiyou County Sheriff Deputies fatally shot a man less than a half hour before an Arcata Police officer shot a man leaving him critically injured. Below is the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office press release: (Click here for the article on the Arcata Police officer involved shooting.)

starnpatchEarlier this evening at 6:26 p.m., Siskiyou County Sheriff Deputies were involved in an officer involved shooting incident. The subject involved in the incident sustained fatal injuries. The Sheriff Deputies involved are uninjured. We are unable to release the names of the individuals involved in this incident as it is under investigation. Kelly Giordano, PIO for the Sheriff’s Department said, “We are keeping everyone involved in our prayers and thoughts.”



  • In the US, citizens are around 55 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.

  • Experts have determined that 100% of statistics, are numbers!

    • I read your comment without reading your name and instantly thought: “That sounds like Perd!”

      “The statement that this reporter has, is a question!”

    • Wrong. The numbers without words to define them are meaningless. But then for the IQ challenged, both can be useless.


    While they don’t give the details of this shooting yet, its pretty obvious that police trainning has taking a very violent turn in the last 16 years. And just maybe if they didn’t allow people to sit in the streets of town shooting, smoking and drinking drugs all day there would be less violent tweekers walking the streets. When I was 20 I spent three nights in jail at the Humboldt hiltion for nothing more then having half a joint hidden in a tool box in my car, that was found by a CHP during an illegal serch of my car before I knew my basic constitutional rights.
    Now I drive through Garb,Redway and see tweekers doing drugs and drinking from one end to the other WTF.

  • On July 13, 2015, I witnessed, at my home and on my property in Dunsmuir, the taking down of a one, Matthew Graham, who was wanted for stealing a car just that same day. Some of you may remember Mr Graham as the person of interest in the disappearance of his daughter, Ember Graham, who to this day has never been found and presumed dead by Shasta County Officials, stating Matthew Graham is the only person that knows what happened to her, therefore any further search for the child has been abandoned and case for baby Ember to be left cold. There is so much I could share with you all, about that day, about the real Matthew and the real family. I refrain from opening up the “mental” wounds from that day, at this time, but have these last things to say. These are facts and facts left out that you probably heard or didn’t otherwise by media who was shaded and jaded from day one. Very very few people know what actually took place at my home on 7/13/15. Why you ask? To get that answer, you would have to get the truth from Law Enforcement and Graham family concurring. Because Matthew Graham was 23, white male, no mental health problems to speak of, did not have a honey oil lab in what media describes as his abandoned looking mobile home, in fact, not his home at all. Fact, Matthew was not an angel. He had his bouts from the law. He was not a hardend criminal nor had he the potential to be that. Matthew just happens to be the 3rd of 3 boys, youngest raised by parents with Law Enforcement and Military backgrounds (current) and one brother being a former US Marine, full honors with LE experience as a career to boot. The the other brother, youngest pursues his education and civilian career. Mother Sheila, Former Shasta County Sheriff Dep with 10 years of service and currently serving our country with the US Army, as her career. The father, also comes from a military background. I can not speak for what he does as a career, we does not live close by and we don’t communicate on a casual basis. What might any of this suggest?

    I can’t plant theory or speculate, but after I met the Graham family and to this day communicate on behalf of missing Ember, who for some unknown reason to me has had their name drug through the dirt and credibility shattered by media via spokes people of LE and other entities, I find them to be everything other than they have tragically been portrayed as. And while I stand behind LE and what they did the day of 7/13, before knowing who was even in my garage and the story leading up to it, I can’t not believe this is anything more than a tragic story involving a father wanted in a connection for the disappearance of his daughter.

    Now I forgot why I started to write all of this to begin with. Oh well, never mind. The rest of the community has also.

    Oh, I just remembered that I need to add a few more facts; 1) Matthew was found to have had a gun on, in a holster. The gun was never fired, aimed or threatend to be aimed. 2) Matthew had a cell phone on him and didn’t surrender when given the chance by LE on 2 occasions. The cell phone misteriously was not brought into evidence right away. As matter of fact, it seems to have disappeared all together. This just doesn’t make sense you say? Oh and here is a kicker….Media states that LE officials report state Mr Graham tried to take his own life by pointing gun up at chin and firing and unsucessful, just prior to having 13 men of LE shoot 50 rounds in or at him. It’s kind of mind baffling to know that Matthew shot a bullet of his own at himself and either missed entered and didn’t immediately kill him. Whats most amazing is, that he not only did that, but he managed to reload a bullet he fired at his chin AND put the gun back in his holster before miliseconds being fired upon by LE. To this day, I don’t find that hole in my garage roof that must have had a hell of an arc to. Some things must just be left alone…..not matter what side of justice your on and what color the skin is. (End?)

  • Good to see that not all the news gets quashed like that of the lynching in Callahan in ’47 (hardly think it’s the last in CA, especially there, do you?). It matters, no doubt, where you are. That the gangs run L.A. makes no difference to those who fear for their lives at the thought of crooked cops (I heard that there are a few in that county) doing some cleanup work for the crooks who have the pull.

    “Reports indicated that the man was injured and may have inflicted a serious injury upon his person at the scene. Witnesses stopped and attempted to assist the man but his behavior prompted them to call “9-1-1” to alert authorities. A California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer arrived at the scene and shortly afterwards two SCSO deputies arrived on-scene to assist the man. Efforts to assist the man were unsuccessful and a confrontation ensued, which quickly escalated based on the threat posed to the deputies, officer, and nearby citizens. An officer-involved shooting resulted involving the two deputies and the suspect. Despite life-saving efforts initiated by the deputies and responding emergency medical response personnel, the man ultimately succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene.” is how the piece about this one read in the SDN.

    This time it’s CHP and Deputies attempting to assist an injured man who must’ve had a pocket full of MX missiles- “we did all we could, but he just wouldn’t cooperate and posed a threat” (gotta watch out for those injured people). What one can often discern from style is just who’s got it together and who’s copying and pasting what sounds like the intelligent folks say. “Throw some learnded talkin’ into it, Clem- make folks think we’re reeel good.” Prayers? How caring. In a county reputed by one assistant AG as being “the most corrupt in California”, any wonder?

    Things like–counties-in-hopes-of-unearthing-alleged-cover-up-ep-849579141-361984081.html ,

    inspired by things like

    …Or like “Given the demeanor of the CHP representatives, as they demanded to know the name of the reporter at the LA Times that exposes police corruption, it is unnerving to think high level state law enforcement officials may have played a role in silencing the press.” from

    or, way back to “During the following weeks, an effort was made to recover all
    copies of the Jan. 10th issue of the Western Sentinel, and the
    school students were told that they were never to discuss the
    incident again.

    Now, 57 years later, the best evidence seems to indicate that,
    not only was no effort made to apprehend the perpetrators,
    but that there was an active cover-up of the crime by both local
    and state officials from Yreka.” from a contemporary witness, as we understand from the Mail Tribune article on him (that was since doctored to cut this out, replacing it with a Q&A): .

    In a region known for its thuglike approach to dissenters and outsiders- the hatred for non-whites going without saying… isn’t it looking a little less like paradise and more like a white Mogadishu? Thanks to Dan- and for the awareness that Mike S. brings with “some things…alone”. Yes, Mike, we see their line: “Nuttin ta see here, folks, now let’s all jes’ move along.”

  • Scaaaary. Try going there. Meet the good folks (many are) and the ones who smile and then turn on you. Place is getting a track record of LE weirdness and coverups, which is too bad in light of the decent Sheriff they have (I would hope- he’s from the Bay and got some good credentials as a soldier). I want to think it’s not LE but the deritus that hides behind them (and keeps a few plants on the force, maybe).

    Mike Sargenti opens it up- a serious worry I get of being blown away (or buried) and having the facts either perverted or buried along with.

    The way to do it is shoot up then say suicide, innit? Just like the Reds with their “accidents” when the party would off people.

    That other “suicide” in Dunsmuir, 5/24/93, which the newsguy sued to get info on. You wouldn’t know what it was by now- the Redding paper’s site says 404- for an article just a couple years old (when they have much older ones still up). Saved some from the piece at the time it was on (you watch these things when you’re on someone’s list). Funny how the news that’s unfavorable to some just disappears. In this one, the article read that:

    “SHASTA COUNTY, California – An independent journalist has filed lawsuits against Siskiyou and Shasta counties for allegedly withholding public documents related to a 1993 standoff and suicide in Dunsmuir, renewing decade-old speculation that the reported suicide may have been a murder covered up by local law enforcement.

    According to the lawsuits, Daniel Webster, of Etna, is seeking copies of any and all documents related to the death of Robert Phillip Burrer, a former Roseburg mill worker that reportedly shot and killed himself on May 24, 1993, after holding his family hostage at their Dunsmuir home.

    Deputies responding to the 911 call said they were trying to negotiate with Burrer when he shot himself in the head with a .22-caliber rifle, the Record Searchlight reported at the time. While the shooting happened in Siskiyou County, Burrer did not die immediately from his wounds and was taken to Mercy Medical Center in Redding. His death was investigated by the Shasta County Coroner’s Office.

    Webster said he requested documents in October to ensure the truth was brought to light and to fact-check reports that Burrer’s death was indeed a suicide. Two Siskiyou County deputies were present at the time of his shooting, records show.

    In an April 7, 2004, article Webster published in the now-defunct Pioneer Press of Fort Jones…

    In response to the lawsuit, Siskiyou County Counsel Brian Morris said officials there had been unable to locate any records related to the incident. Siskiyou County supervisors on June 15, 2010 approved the destruction of all criminal and non-criminal reports from 1991 to 2004 maintained by the sheriff’s office.”

    Dan’s paper isn’t there anymore, long shut down (he does a lot of fb about Yreka and Scott Valley now. Generally fluff).

    There’s some pull in the county, behind the scenes. Who I learned was the former FJ cop had an issue with my using legal repellant when his dog was attacking me (it had chomped my leg before; this dude’s renter whom I was visiting reminded me “got your spray?”). Doober there ran by bike off the road, I wrenched a meniscus landing, he got a shovel out of the bed and said “If I ever see you again, I’m gonna bury you, do you understand?” Twice. I answered yes. I called 911 when he left (at hwy 3 might be witnesses). The deputy talked with i/him/i first, saying he’d tried my no. and no answer- maybe while riding to town- kind of sore knee with that. I was able to get no report, but the cad file, for which I thank the lady at the scsos. A little misquoted, but OK.

    Next day I was sitting at the park, having a snack. The town fixit guy drove by- his business partner, as it works. Not 20 min after that, hit man comes up the street fast, swings into the driveway from the blind side- he couldn’t have seen me up the drive- drives up, sits and glowers at me.

    First you were just a 245ADW. Now you’re a felony stalker, old boy.

    I called the Sheriff again; they said OK, basically.

    As it happens, old boy’s kid was done for some assault at the high school but it was dropped as something else. Tani from Cal Supreme gave an opinion that they didn’t do quite right. It would work in some places, like there.

    He has an old name. Family’s in county admin. I’m pretty sure the LE will do his dirty work if he needs it- already got the town guy helping him stalk, right? There’s a tight circle of smiley folks who make friendly with me, then I see them hanging out with the perp and friends. It’s a club. Sounds like Messrs Graham and Burrer (funny thing too- now I search for Burrer online and don’t find even the accounts by family who knew better) were hit and glossed over, whatever the real reason or excuse. No cameras in the county (that cops shut off anyway). Old boy and Co. know I’m on to them- and the Feds and press they can’t suppress do too. I wonder how many little-known people (except maybe locally) have been offed by the club, and of whom we’ve never heard. I tend to get along with people, thousands a year working for Boz or Jerry. I’ve never seen so few who were so insular, devious and just plain sinister as that place breeds.

    Place is death. Want a deal on some land? I bought it for living, not for getting knocked off and buried by the trailer-land mafia. Unable to do anything with it there, now.

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