[UPDATE 10:13 p.m.] Arcata Police Officer Involved in a Shooting

An Arcata Police officer was involved in a shooting near 14th and G Streets at the Shell Station, according to Channel 3 News. (Click here for photos.)

At approximately 6:43 a call came in reporting a man drinking from an open container and swinging a stick at the Shell Station. Then about five minutes later an officer reported that he had “one at gunpoint.” A few seconds later the officer reported, “The subject is armed with two sticks and refusing to put them down. He’s aggressive and hostile.”

At approximately 6:49 p.m. the officer reported, “Shots fired. Request ambulance.”

Several lanes are reportedly blocked around the area of the shooting.

UPDATE 10:13 p.m.: The Lost Coast Outpost has video of the Arcata Police Chief describing the situation.



  • Great. Arcata has its very own, police use unnecessary force shooting. A drunk man waving sticks? There better be more to this than just that.

  • Do you want to be stabbed with a stick? You never know maybe they had sharp points. No officer should have to just stand there and let someone drunk and out of control assault them. If you are asked to put them down and you don’t comply, that’s just what’s going to happen. I know 2 of the Arcata officers and I sure don’t want anything happening to either of them.

  • Wow really..They couldn’t use a taser they had to shoot him..Come on now..

    • Was it James? Why do you care so much? This place is a war zone and those cops are scared, he didn’t follow the commands of the officer and is now feeling the consequences, I bet tomorrow and from now on he obeys all commands from law enforcement.

  • Why do people think a Taser is the best option??? Here is a little bit of knowledge for you that do not know. A taser is a tool used during NON LETHAL situations and sometimes do not always work on the suspects. That’s right! Sometimes it does NOT work. If someone is wearing bulky clothing, or if only one prong hits, or the prongs are not spread enough apart, it really won’t have an affect on the person! In addition, an officer is justified to use deadly force on someone that could possibly cause great bodily injury and/or death to them or another person. I am sure a cane can cause great bodily injury and even death! Not to mention the split second decision the officer has to make. If you think it’s an easy decision to make and can do a better job, sign up to be a cop!

  • And if you don’t want to be tasered or shot,follow the commands the officers are giving you.its for your safety as much as theirs.i do agree with using a rubber bullet or taser 1st.and if their high or drunk they do act differently

  • I am glad the officer is ok. It is too bad the other person made the choices they did. I hope they will be ok too. Please don’t let the comment section of this blog turn into a bickering, badgering back and forth between us all like it is with LOCO. We all have different opinions. That’s ok!

  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Just for my information, HOW MANY OF YOU THAT POSTED EARLIER ARE LAW ENFORCEMENT PERSONNEL???? If you are not in this position, than you have no idea of what it is like when you are confronted by someone with “a” weapon (sticks and stones can hurt my bones, but, words can hurt you). I’ve been in that situation before as a Armed Security Officer and have used my Mace and Taser, plus a ‘baton’ and was lucky enough that the people I was dealing with did not want to get tased again. 99% of them had been tased before and they didn’t stick around once I pulled the taser. I never pulled my sidearm as most of those that I dealt with did not want to stick around. But, be very clear, I would have used my sidearm if it meant my life was in danger, just like the Officer from the Arcata Police Department.

    • reality Chek u can cash

      It really doesn’t sound like he was trying to hit the officers, just swinging the stick which looks to be maybe two feet long and the metal looks to be maybe 3ft and not thick, hardly as dangerous as a gun or knife. Check out the pics on NCJournal site. I’ve seen way worse on bar row in Arcata.

      Why are we paying for non-lethal weaponry if they’re just going to shoot people???? In the abdomen no less? Couldn’t hit him in the leg or foot or arm?
      I doubt the guy would be in surgery if they didn’t shoot him with real bullets rather than rubber ones. They hurt and can kill but rarely ever do.
      Way too many cops from LA on the APD force these days!!! Trigger happy cops r way scarier than a tweaker anyday.

      There used to be a few officers in Arcata that were reasonable but not anymore since the old chief left a few years back.
      One more reason to stay away from car crazy drug infested arcata, yes arcata, loads of heroin and coke with designer drugs everywhere on the HSU campus,ask the dorm kids. My friends daughter jyst dropped out cuz she didn’t want to be around all the partying and drugs, for real.
      Blame eureka as much as you want but arcata is way more drugged out, 70% of the last incoming class is from LA, first drive by shooting in Arcata last year as well. They don’t report too much on that as they want Arcata to appear safe to folks thinking of sending their kids there.

      • Obviously, you don’t know what you’re talking about, reality Chek. Arcata began having drive by shootings back in the late 80’s after HSU began lrecruiting inner city athletes for their local program. Also, why don’t you let one of these nutzo idiots with ‘swirling ninja sticks’ smack you in the neck sometime? LEOs know and are taught that once they enter the equation, if the subject being dealt with doesn’t comply with basic safety commands, to take action. Occasionally, that action includes lethal force after considering and using or discarding the weapons of lesser force. They certainly cannot walk away, as they’ve established what’s called a ‘special relationship’ and the City will be liable for any actions the bad guy takes after this. Arcata PD, protecting and serving and saving tax dollars as well. Great job! Sad ending, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.

  • Sounds like I need to move further out. Humboldt is becoming more like LA every day. Now we have cops shooting people with sticks.

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  • This whole shoot first ask later is getting ridiculous. Our officers have to go to England to see how to properly disarm a crazed, drunk, machete yielding man. Our police are there to protect and serve us, not shoot us and protect themselves. I am happy to hear that both police men involved are ok and with their families. But there has to be a better way, a militarized police force is not the answer. I remember when kids used to grow up saying they wanted to be police officers and firefighters. How many of your kids wants to be known for being trained to shoot someone not wielding a deadly weapon. Can a stick hurt you ? Yes. But if trained properly and with the right equipment, ie. Swat Shields and Offensive Countermeasures, there should be no problem in making this situation go away. Look at the the mentally ill man who was yielding a rake that got gunned down on the 299 a few years back. Are you kidding me ? If you think there is not a problem in this county with aggressive force by the police then you are just kidding yourself and most likely voting for Drumpf

  • Come on folks be kind!!!

  • Would a taser have turned the incident into a gas station scene from lethal weapon 4 movie or something?

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  • a taser was used first and had no effect. it is unfortunate but they had to protect themselves from harm. i do believe our police need way more training in non lethal forms of controlling and deescalating situations. protecting suspects from harm needs to be taken more seriously for sure.

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