A ‘Yucky and Gross’ Post

Michael McKaskle, President of the Redway Community Services District, warns that flushable baby wipes aren’t flushable.

In an interview with KMUD’s Izzy Vanderheiden, he tells community members, “I just wanted let people know that we’ve been having a lot of trouble with “flushable” baby wipes or personal wipes ending up in the system. And they really aren’t flushable. And they’ve clogged our system several times over the last couple years–including one mammoth clog where our staff had to take out seven 6 gallon buckets full of soiled baby wipes having clogged the system. And that’s really yucky and gross…

McKaskle warns, “Just because it says, ‘Flushable’ doesn’t mean it is flushable. So in Redway and probably everywhere else in our area…, don’t flush anything besides human waste and toilet paper.

For more information, listen to the full interview below.



  • What did they do with 42 gallons of non-flushable human waste saturated baby wipes?

  • Frank Zappa(Flakes)

    Well, the toilet exploded yesterday afternoon. The plumber, he said “No,never flush a tampoon”. This great information, cost me half a weeks pay and the toilet blew up later on the next day ay ay.

  • Yikes,thats a shitty job!!!

  • Christopher Christianson

    Tampon applicators and condoms are also not flushable.

  • Yeah I used to work for an assisted living facility and they had a resident who flushed “flushable” wipes even after being told not to. They went into a lawsuit. For all eternity it has been referred to as, “The Wipes Case”.

  • Another issue for municipal systems are those stickers on fruits and veggies. People flush them down the drain and they clog the system eventually. Cost San Mateo about $100,000 to clean out one glob of it.

  • Bottom line: toilets are not garbage cans.

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