Make Democracy Work; Be a Poll Worker

Vote featurePress release from Humboldt County:

The June 7th Presidential Primary Election is almost upon us and the Humboldt County Office of Elections is seeking your help as a poll worker. Elections is looking for Humboldt County registered voters who are dedicated to the democratic process and who are able to serve at a polling place on June 7th.It takes more than 400 poll workers to conduct a countywide election. Poll Workers open and close the polls, issue voter ballots, tally votes cast, and in some polling places with multiple precincts, even guide traffic to the correct precinct.

Poll workers can earn up to $111 serving as a Clerk and $116 serving as an Inspector. For more information, please visit the Office of Elections’ website.

Complete your Poll Worker Application today and become a part of democracy!

Tell your friends and neighbors about this opportunity. Students 16-years-old or older in good standing at school may also serve as poll workers.



  • Wondering why Jared Huffman is already signed on as a Clinton Super delegate!
    I thought we asked him to vote with the people of California.

    The Maine Democratic Party voted to require that unpledged delegates cast their ballots in proportion to the popular vote, making Maine the first state to effectively abolish superdelegates. The change will take effect in 2020

    • KrisAnne explains the private corporation groups running the show.
      Entire podcast good info, & related, but you can skip to the 14 mark for precise mark.

    • He can vote however he wants to. These are the rules, everyone had the same opportunity to know them in advance. Democrats had the opportunity to change the rules. Superdelegates are stupid, so lets change the rules for next time instead of kvetching about what we might have changed if only we had cared enough to be involved.

      Huffman is one of the best congresspersons in the country. He has my confidence.

  • FYI, it’s not a democracy. It’s a Constitutional Republic. Your vote doesn’t matter at all in a Presidential election. It’s all about the Electoral College. That entity elects the president.

    • Marvin Simkin said: “Democracy is not freedom. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch. Freedom comes from the recognition of certain rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99 percent vote.”

    • Life, your first sentence is correct, we are a constitutional republic, that uses the democratic process ( Kym mentioned democratic process) to vote on constitutional matters.
      The rest of your paragraph is misleading.
      For one, the GOP private corporation & the Democratic private corporation, are both unconstitutional. We are supposed to elect those who are dedicated to protecting the constitution, that’s it. The dividing of patriots was highly frowned upon by the Framer’s.
      Thie party system, is privately owned. Their game, their rules. They supposedly seek out *the* candidate that best fits their platform. Hence, the volley game we play, always voting for the lesser of two evils. Hello? They’re both evil!
      Long story short, the primaries are private corporate ran. Does this include your representatives? Think about it. They are supposedly elected to carry the voice of the people, all parties, to the senate. Do they? Hardly ever. If you are the opposite party, they send canned responses telling you how to represent them, by supporting whatever it is they are supporting.
      Until we dump the parties and get back to protecting the constitutional republic our country will continue being run by whichever party is the lesser of two evils, instead of by those who protect our constitutional republic so that all voices matter, especially the largest minority group of all, the individual.

  • It must count, because that’s the only thing politicians seem to want or care about. After they get your vote, they pretty much tell you to go F yourself!

    • No its the money they get from campaigning that goes to their friends and family that they care about. Even if their campaign doesn’t go anywhere, there are hundreds of thousand or even million made by staffers and advisers.

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