Vehicle Strikes Lighthouse Cafe in Trinidad

scannerA vehicle hit the Lighthouse Cafe on Main Street in Trinidad at approximately 5:55 p.m.

“It is a confirmed non-injury,” according to the dispatcher. A Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy is on the way.



  • Wow. What is up with all the weird crashes lately? At least this is a non injury crash.

  • My guess is there are no more crashes than usual, just more than the usual being reported by the media.

  • Im telling you, 75% of all drivers are stoned from smoking Pot, or are on other drugs and alcohol!!! Its safer driving up in the MTN areas where at least everybody drives down the middle of the road!!! What dividing line “Officer”? Ha Ha!!!

  • veterans friend

    All actual evidence indicates pot smokers are safer, slower, more cautious drivers. So get over your prejudice & educate yourself

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