Intentional Crash on Broadway, Say Witnesses

A man driving a Honda intentionally crashed into another vehicle on Broadway near McCullen Avenue, at approximately 11:30 a.m., according to a witness. The driver of the vehicle that struck the other jumped out and fled with witnesses to the incident chasing him.

Scanner traffic indicates that law enforcement is looking for a white, male adult with a shaved head last seen running east on McCullen Avenue being chased by witnesses. An officer confirmed on the scanner that this collision was intentional.

The video below shows the scene. Not seen is the driver still running away just ahead of the video camera.



  • Once again, RHBB is on top of local news. Thank you, Kym!

  • Like there’s not enough accidents already,now some Frickin idiot does it on purpose,REALLY so stupid

  • Driving in Eureka can drive a sane man crazy. 4 days ago I counted 7 insane almost accident causing maneuvers from people as I drove from 4th & C st to the beggining of S. hwy 101. Minutes after I made it safely home there was a wreck by my exit in fortuna! For such a densely populated area it really doesn’t make sense there so many wrecks, I’d be on cloud nine if people stopped driving like they just woke up from a coma and jumped in a car.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Let’s have a survey, which is worse, Eureka or SR 36? We need to allow for traffic density.

      • The 36 has gotten a lot better with the increase in law enforcement, people stay in their lanes much more then a few years ago. Personally I’d take an hour on that road over 30 minutes in Eureka any day.

    • I’ve noticed more tourist travelers.

  • Should da picked a lil bigger car to do hit and run. A honda lol

    • Uh, excuse me! Honda Pilot weighs in at around 4450lbs, big enough to crush a passenger car like an ant. Of course, that’s not as big as a full sized pick up.

  • And they said marijuana wouldn’t hurt anybody. Look at how whacked out people drive among us! I hope they catch this loser. That’s assault with a deadly weapon! He should get a boot up his rear before going to jail.

  • Anyone know how the person who was hit is doing? And kudos to the folks who chased down the assailant.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Attempted to chase down the suspect…. Good effort, but this isn’t horse shoes and I’m fresh out of hand grenades!

  • I have seen some jackwad in a souped-up newer white Mustang tearing around Broadway by Piersons several times recently. Also saw him racing another Mustang headed north in the same stretch. SLOW DOWN, YOU LOSERS, BEFORE YOU KILL SOMEONE!

    • Speaking of mustangs had a couple of them I think Saturday drag racing from Pierson’s stop light Northbound Broadway all I could do was shake my head

  • Broadway is always sc sc sc Scary!

  • That’s Gangsta🙈🙉🙊

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