[UPDATE 9 p.m.] Fully Involved Structure Fire Near Petrolia

Multiple fire departments are responding to a fully involved structure fire at Clark Road and North Fork near Petrolia. The report came in about 8:45 p.m.

Petrolia Fire, Honeydew Fire, Cal Fire and Ferndale Fire have been paged out.

UPDATE 9 p.m.: One residence and one cabin are burning hot. They are “a complete loss,” according to the Incident Commander. Another residence is trying to catch fire. Trees are catching fire but not staying on fire.



  • Oh, God…..does anyone know whose places are involved?

  • sharpen your pencil

    Hopefully owned by the Meserves!

    • You’re a special little snowflake, aren’t you, to wish harm and homelessness to Kailen’s blameless children.
      Not here to argue about what dod or did not take place but do you actually believe that his wife and daughters deserve more hardship?

  • I was told it was the Titus cabins, where school employees often rent… down Clark Rd, across the field by the river.

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