Big Rig Stuck [Again] on Zenia Bluff Road

Scanner traffic tells us that once again a big rig driver ended up stuck on the tight, curves of one our country roads. At 8:20 p.m. the dispatcher called this, “the usual at Zenia Bluff Road at the bridge.” Now, the exact whereabouts of these trucks is often misreported through a combination of bad cell reception and misunderstanding. However, the dispatcher this times states clearly the incident occurred “a mile east of the bridge on the S turns on Zenia Bluff.”



  • Really? Again?

  • Why do these IDIOTS keeping driving big rigs up that road? Are they insane? And the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.” DUH! They must be smoking their product they are trying to truck out of there.

    • if your driving on 36 the gps will tell you that’s the shortest route to southern humboldt, so these idiots just take that way even though there’s plenty of warning signs that say you won’t fit, but I guess you would have to speak English to read them

  • We probably need a sign at Rt 36 saying “4 big rigs have crashed trying this route this year. You won’t make the tight turns. Stay on 36 to 101”

  • Lord have mercy!!glad I don’t rely on gps.i just use my brain,image that,thinking!huh some new concept.the signs that tell them before they go up,must be in Humboldt language only we know lol. Your not wrong Erine

  • I bet the towing companies are the only ones that love the fact these trucks get stuck attempting this route so often. That has to work out to a pretty stiff recovery bill each time they get them out.

  • Growers are ordering dirt to be delivered out Highway 36 by the tons. Truck companies use Transfer Trucks that is a Dump Truck with a Pup Trailer attached filled with dirt. The length is around 70 feet of this Big Rig. They are hauling from Humboldt to Hayfork to Ruth Lake Mountainous Region and everywhere in between. It is only a matter of time before something bad is going to happen with all the traffic on 36. These Companies should only be using the Dump Truck part of the Transfer Truck and forget the Pup Trailer. In addition, there are no scales out 36 so the loads can be super heavy. Greed breeds Greed and these Company Owners are putting their Drivers, all other traffic, etc. at a huge risk. I which the State would ban 70 foot or longer Big Rigs on 36. Oh yeh, it’s an all cash business, so you can’t tell me these Truck Companies are reporting all their earnings. Just another part of the under-belly of the Ganja Industry!

    • You might not remember when logging was king, log trucks of all lengths and weights raged across 36. A family friend was killed by one in the late 80’s.

      • veterans friend

        I lived on Zenia Bluff in the 70s & the log truck traffic on that road was fierce. Never saw or heard of one getting stuck. Whoever is driving that road & getting stuck in ANY size truck must be qualified as a rank amatuer

        • I saw a logging truck over the bank right at the Humboldt county line. the only thing that stopped it was the dolly trailer caught on something, otherwise the whole truck was hanging off the road in a slide headed straight for the creek, hundreds of feet away. The driver was okay. (’70s)

    • And the county says no EIR is needed for their cultivation ordinance because there are no negative impacts?

  • A picture of a stuck truck might make them think twice. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

  • Jayne D. What do you mean they are hauling from Humboldt to Hayfork and Ruth? I would think if they were coming from Humboldt they would know they can’t go over the bluffs. The last few trucks were companies out of central ca. There is a lot of soil being hauled from Humboldt Feed stores, but they know the roads to take. And if they changed the length of trucks allowed on 36, then logging trucks, livestock semis, and other legit trucking outfits would be denied access. I don’t know what the answer is, Mabey signs need to be in Spanish? I take my family camping at Ruth a lot in the summer, I’m going to be scared going over Zenia to get there this year. ):

  • “Hello, yeah. Free delivery to Alderpoint for ten or more pallets of soil? Cool man, here’s the directions. Yeah road’s good. No worries.”

  • They could just take the Peak Rd into Kettenpom. The old logging trucks used that road all the time. It’s in better shape now than it ever was back then. Or maybe…..the truck drivers need a lesson on driving on roads that aren’t a highway. Hmmmm….

    • veterans friend

      The log trucks used the bluff road all day every working day in the 70s. All day. Every day. Never stuck.

  • A logging truck uses a compensater pin type trailer that allows the trailer to follow the truck better and not cheat on the corners. The actual connection between the truck and trailer is made by the logs and the hitch pivots (compensates) to steer the trailer in the truck tracks. No other way you could make it out of the woods on tight logging roads. These guys are towing 40 ft flatbeds or enclosed trailers that cheat bad on corners. That said, your right that these guys are amateurs, or “flatlanders” as we used to call them. I used to haul logs out that way. There is no better big rig driver than a professional log truck driver.

    • Well said West Benbow. A logging truck and trailer is a whole different animal. And you’re right about a log truck driver’s ability. I worked on a logging crew back in the 60’s and 70’s. Those guys would drive their trucks in places I would be afraid to walk. Some of the nicest people you met. I always had great respect for you guys.

    • West Benbow. Did you ever forget to unlock your compensator? If so, how long did it take you to get back to normal?

      • No Ernie never forgot to do that. You had to pull it out a few inches before the logs got loaded so it had a little play. Had the pin bounce out once after I got unloaded and pulled the compensator out of the trailer till it got stuck at the end. Tried to back it in with the truck and a loader but wouldn’t budge. Had to drive back to the shop with the trailer up on the truck and the compensater sticking out about 8 feet. Was nervous going under overpasses.

  • Too bad cal trans doesn’t hire Duane Flatmo to paint a warning sign.

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