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On Monday, 5-16-16, at 6 PM, the Fortuna City Council meets for their regularly scheduled Council meeting.  Items on the business agenda include:

  • A. Consenting to the City’s Associate Membership in the California Home Finance Authority and the Inclusion of Properties Within the City’s Jurisdiction in the Authority’s SB 555 and AB 811 Pace Programs for Financing Distributed Generation Renewable Energy Sources, Energy and Water Efficiency Improvements and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure; Adoption of Resolutions 2016- 22 & 2016-23
  • B. An Ordinance of the City of Fortuna Adding Section 9.28.035 and Amending Sections 9.28.040 and 9.28.050 of Chapter 9.28 of Title 9 of the Fortuna Municipal Code Regarding Unlawful Solicitation; Second Reading and Adoption of Ordinance 2016-724
  • C. Approval of Extension of the 2016/2017 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Concerning Working Conditions, Wages and Benefits with the Fortuna Police Employees Association (FPEA)

For clarification on item ‘B,’ this is the second part of the panhandling ordinance involving drivers of vehicles in the roadway handing items out of their vehicle.  The 5-2-16 Council packet has the full ordinance for both of the panhandling sections.

The City of Fortuna has started uploading older Council meeting agendas with video hyperlinks included.  It’s actually a pretty neat feature which lets you see the item of business in action.  Click this link to check out the 5-2-16 agenda and meeting.

Another future meeting coming up is the special workshop for the Fortuna Planning Commission. This meeting is scheduled for 5-17-16 at 6:30 PM.  The only item of business listed is:

  • 1. Workshop Discussion of Design Review Guidelines and Provide Direction to Staff.

According to the packet, in March of this year, the Planning Commission requested workshops be scheduled to discuss design review guidelines, provide direction to staff, and update the guidelines to provide better direction to applicants in designing projects and the Commission in reviewing projects.

These are the components they’re hoping to develop in these workshops:

  • 1. Guidance documents with definitions for applicants
  • 2. More illustrations incorporated in the guidelines
  • 3. Address number 3 of the Design Findings and Considerations
  • 4. Settle the conflicting issues of zoning setback requirements and section CD 3.3 Setbacks of the Design Review Guidelines.
  • 5. Add a definition page incorporating municipal code and/or use footnotes to reference zoning requirements.

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