[UPDATE 8:18 p.m.] Solo Vehicle Accident Near Redway

scannerOne vehicle crashed just north of the Redway onramp on Hwy 101 at mile marker 15. The accident was reported about 7:50 p.m. According to the reporting party, the occupant is still inside the vehicle.

An ambulance, Redway Fire, and Garberville fire are responding to the scene with lights and sirens.

UPDATE 8:10 p.m.: Photos provided by a reader.



UPDATE 8:18 p.m.: No injuries!



  • I Pray that the “occupant” is not hurt to badly and the fire department won’t have to use the jaw’s of life to retract ’em.

  • What’s up with the crash clusters? It seems that when people start crashing their vehicles around here it happens in spikes…….

  • What’s up with all the moter vehicle accidents this week,I now it was Friday the 13th but this is nuts, come on people slow down pay attention it’s not hard. drive like you have your neighbors kids in your car!

  • Your prayer was heard, Tracy P. At the end of the call, the CHP officer reclassified it as non-injury. One of the original callers had reported that the driver, who had hit a guard rail, was having a seizure and they couldn’t get in to help him/her.

    If a seizure was involved in the crash, DMV will probably be notified and they have procedures in place to evaluate at-risk drivers’ physical condition and determine whether they can continue to drive or have conditions placed on their driving, http://tinyurl.com/j2og6t3

    About ten years ago friend of mine suddenly developed a heart condition that caused him to occasionally pass out without any warning, but it was resolved by surgery and his license wasn’t restricted at all. He’s lived and continued to drive safely ever after.

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