Is Eureka Ready for a Cancer-fighting, Comedian Cop?

Hellllo, Eureka.

Meet Officer Mackleroy (AKA Officer Ryan McElroy) of the Eureka Police Department. This morning his coworkers discovered that the officer had started his own Facebook page and was poking (gentle) fun at other officers.

That’s him above lip-syncing to a cd he claims was left in a patrol car he uses.

He also claims via his Facebook that someone set off the fire alarm this morning at police headquarters by… burning their toast.

The Eureka Police Department said he doesn’t have official approval for the page. “He did this completely on his own,” said Brittany Powell, Eureka Police Department spokesperson. But, she said, “It looks like he has a career in entertaining.”


Photo from the Officer Mackleroy Facebook page.

The Officer Mackleroy Facebook page shows a gift for more than humor. He’s shown with his arm around a child survivor of cancer at a local Relay for Life event and his cover photo features the same child in a big pink, cancer-awareness car.

Although, McElroy may not have had official sanction when he started his page, Powell says, “He seems like he would be a good face for the department.”

We’re not sure but Eureka may have to battle Gotham City for the big guy. The About section of his Facebook page states, “I’m Batman! But please don’t tell anyone, cause um… I don’t want everyone to know that I’m……Batman!”

So, shhh! Don’t tell anybody. It would be bad to snitch on our crime-fighting, cancer-awareness-raising superhero.

But you could LIKE his page to see what else he has in store for us.



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