Fallen Tree Causes Outages for Internet Customers Yesterday (But Why Are Explanations Always so Little, and so Late?)

CaptureAfter yesterday’s widespread internet outage among users from what we believe to be Shively to McKinleyville, we’ve been attempting to get answers on what caused the problem. (There were some problems in SoHum prior to that.)

Today, we got a bit of an answer.

According to a prepared release from an AT&T spokesperson,

Due to fiber damage caused by a fallen tree near the northern part of Stafford, some customers in the Humboldt County area may have experienced trouble with their wireless or wireline services during parts of last night and today. Our technicians worked to repair the damaged fiber and service is now running normally.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

This tell us nothing about the amount of people without service nor about why redundant service didn’t kick in. Nor does it tell us how widespread the problem was and what networks were affected. But, it does give us a skeleton of an answer.

However, we consistently have these kinds of problems and we consistently get thin answers.  As the internet becomes increasingly important to functioning in the modern world, Humboldt and its surrounding rural counties are falling behind services provided to more populated areas.



  • Poster formerly known as Matt

    They also failed, once again, to mention anything about crediting us back for their service they didn’t provide.

  • Terry L. Clark

    I had ATT Internet at home in Arcata, but at work in Eureka, it wasn’t restored until 8 or so this morning. Most peculiar.

  • clearlake fool

    as a retired AT&T employee
    i can only say im glad i retired 15 years ago and before they lost interest in customer satisfaction

  • So how do we organize in order to put pressure on att for real redundancy and better communication?

  • You organize around another provider such as netlink101.com who has spent years working on redundant lines. Or if wireless floats your boat look into com-pair.net

    • netlink101 has horrible prices, unacceptable speeds and download limits. They charge $100 per month for a 50GB download limit, and the speed is only 6.5mb/s! For $120 a month (in some areas) they can get you 20mb/s download. Also, their service was down in February 2015, so they are not immune to service interruptions. I dont have cable or satellite, I stream everything, in HD, netlinks101 simply will not work for me.

      ATT charges me $52/month at 18mb/s download! They will be instituting download caps in the next coupe years, but they are so ridiculously high that I could never get near them if I tried.

  • I also wonder why the “Redundant Backup did not kick in they will not let us have access to the fiber optic line literally right across the road from us because it IS “Redundant Backup only” or so they claim at least!!! Which makes me wonder WTF… OVER!!!!! :-C

  • They are tapping your Lines and internet

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