Suspect in Theft from Cornerstone Identified by Sheriff’s Office; Considered Armed and Dangerous

IMG_1408 A man has been identified as the suspect in the theft of a car and a large amount of cash from Community Cornerstone in Redway. His name is Nathan Ryan Danielson born January 26, 1985. (See earlier story here.)

According to Corp. Tomlin of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, Danielson is believed to have picked up some individuals in the stolen vehicle and then believed to have driven drove to Laytonville where he got gas at the Chevron. The image to the right comes from the surveillance camera there.

He then broke into another vehicle in Laytonville and stole a handgun.  He is now considered armed and dangerous.

The safes that were stolen from the Community Cornerstone were recovered from the side of the road next to vehicle. Unfortunately, the cash was gone.

Danielson has most recently been reported as being seen in the Leggett area. The Humboldt County Sheriff is looking for him. If you have any information, please contact them at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.

Remember the car he allegedly took looks like a bronzer version of the one below. The license plate number is 6NGV161.


UPDATE 7:33 p.m.: Mugshot of Danielson from arrest in Michigan.



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  • Great reporting as usual kym. That guy should do suicide by cop mence to society.

    • I know why you feel this way, but why would you wish this on a COP? Do you know how much stress and grief a shooting causes a COP and his family? Contrary to what the media and personal opinion of many people tell us, COPs really don’t live each day to “take someone out”. It is as gut wrenching for them as the dead person’s family. If it has or needs to be done, it should be self inflicted and not forced upon another.

      • william nicholson

        Lol. You don’t believe that … Do you??? If you do and are of sound mind I’d be as foolish as your statement if I argued.

      • Don’t pay attention to Mogtx, they are either extremely ignorant or a troll, and I’m betting that they’re a troll. So far, Mogtx hasn’t posted a single educated comment, and I doubt they will 🙂

  • Better get him quick,before he.hurts someone.

  • Inquiring Minds

    “drove to Laytoville”
    “driven to Laytonville”

  • Nathan Ryan Danielson has a felony record in Michigan and spent 1 and a half years in prison there for assault with a deadly weapon in 2013. This guy is definitely dangerous. do not try to apprehend him. Let the cops do that. In 2014 he was arrested for battery with serious bodily injury in Ventura County on a girlfriend. His record goes back to Collier County, FL on 12/13/2004 where he was arrested at 19 years of age. He is tall, 5-11 and about 150 pounds or so. Google him. He is all over the place. Definitely a first class LOSER. Here is a better picture of him.

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  • Wonder why he is here in Redway ?long way from Michigan .

    • Marijuana growing and sales would be the most logical guess.

      • That’s not what he went for…. He chases money, and usually likes to con. He went for money, when the con stopped working, he got violent. He’s been addicted to pills, speed, and alcohol since we were kids. Please don’t associate his bullshit behavior with marijuana…

        • I was his first girlfriend/best friend. I grew up with him. He’s had a rough go at life from the start. Behavior of this account is drawn from the past and unfortunately its not getting better. Hes my family. I dont condone any of this and i hope one day he will get help. Marijuana and sales are obsolete. He has a hard time being happy. Greenlife is correct. His bullshit behavior again is drawn from his home stat. Piss poor role models.

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  • His parents must be so proud.

  • that picture belongs on the back of a milk carton.
    *just my opinion

  • Stealing from the handicapped, beating up women, what’s the matter with you boy?

  • Breaking into Community Cornerstone does not seem like an impulsive thing to do. Who would guess from looking at the building that they had any cash. So, a plan? The rest of it does not sound planned and how far can he expect to get in a stolen car? And another puzzle: he broke into a car and stole a handgun. Was that opportunistic, or was the gun in plain sight?You can see the felonies stacking up, too. Burglary, grand theft auto, felon with a firearm, and who knows what’s to come. I hope this one man crime spree comes to an end before someone gets hurt.

  • Go back to Michigan! PLEASE!

  • veterans friend

    From comments elsewhere it sounded like he has a girlfriend & a baby locally. Poor girl, poor child.

    • His girl friend is just as bad and guilty as him. She was right there with him during everything, then played victim. He took the fall. When she got back to Michigan she got arrested for 2 DUI’s and also got possession of meth(while she was pregnant) The state took her baby away at the hospital. She’s now in foster care with Jessie’s other 2 children. Please don’t feel sorry for her.

  • This gentleman is a burden on life. His girlfriend is constantly being herself, with him being seen. Steals from the people he calls friends. Even laughed at someone who felt intimidated as he dumped their family members ashes

  • he is a worthless person. he beats women. i know one of his ex girlfrinds. and he is most likely trying to get to her here in michigan.

  • he is most likely on his why to newaygo county in michigan to find his girlfriend that left him

  • He was also arrested in Michigan, along with his girlfriend, Jessie Marie Castaneda, in 2014. Same year he beat her, and was arrested for that.They both called my house, and left death threats on my home answering machine. They both have warrants in Michigan. And on Monday, May 16, Jessie stole her mother’s car, and is now headed to California. Both world class idiots.
    Jessie is no better than him. She had our son and daughter removed from her, and they’ve been with me ever since March 9, 2014. I hope they’re caught. Total waste of oxygen.

    • Thank you Lee for commenting known information on these two scumbugs!! Nathan is my nephews sperm donor and they left death threats on my moms phone too since my sister would no longer let him see her son. I hope they both get locked up for a long time! Kudos to you for being the parent your kids need!

  • Concerned Citizen

    Nathan Danielson is currently incarcerated in the Snohomish County, WA jail ( I’ve called both the Snohomish Police to let them know Nathan is wanted in Humboldt County, CA and I’ve also called Humboldt County Police to let them know that Snohomish County, WA has him. I haven’t heard if anything has been done with this information, but thought your readers would want an update.

  • Fall City Floater

    Guys, I just saw this guy this Sunday 6/26 and I wanted to share the information but I’m not entirely sure of the easiest way to do this anonymously (I really don’t want to be involved or have to deal with this) so I’m putting my expirience here.

    This guy is in Washington state along the i-90 corridor. Some friends and I were floating the Snoqualmie river at Fall City/Preston and to make a long story short, our friends ended up ditching myself and my two boys at the base of the river (by the overpass/pickup point). We ended up having to hitchike and he offered us a ride. He ran out of a home or establishment (it’s a little fuzzy, we had been drinking on the river) directl across the street from Small Fryes (small burger joint) and told us to get into his car (mid 90s Camry, forget the color). It was very messy inside and the steering console was ripped apart. He then proceeded to start the car with a knife telling us ‘I know this looks weird but I didn’t steal this car.’ We weren’t complaing because we were desperate for a ride (again, our friends ditched us with no wallets, keys, or phones) and needed to get to a computer/phone. Anywas, he drove us about 10 minutes away to a friends girlfriends house. We were a little weirded out by him and asked him to drop us off on the side of the road (not in front of her house) and then we parted ways. He was overall friendly and definitely helped us out but after reading about him I’m glad nothing crazy happened. Anyways, fast forward 3 hours – our friends finally come back with the car keys and we meet them back down by the overpass. There was a small bar/restaurant across the street (Fall City Bistro) where we were waiting before the keys got dropped off and we saw this dude driving around again. He pulled up and I tried to make small friendly talk with him. He was drinking a 4loko, we were bullshitting. He was telling me about how he was in California and Michegan before and I asked him if he had Facebook because I wanted to try to connect with him to send him some cash for his help (he really did save our asses with that ride he gave us) and he gave it to me. So anyways..I come online and do a Google search of him and whatyaknow…he’s wanted and here I am. Hopefully someone here can provide this information to the proper authorities because it’s all I know and I’d like to stay out of it. Head to Fall City, WA and hang out around the bar area and I guarantee you will probably see him driving around in that beat up Camry.

    FYI-I’m attaching a map of exactly where he picked us up and where he ran out of.

    • Fall City Floater

      I’ll check this thread for the rest of the day if you have any questions but hopefully this helps and someone can submit it to the proper authorities so he can be arrested. He doesn’t seem very bright so it should be an easy catch if they can do something immediately.

  • Fall City Floater

    Snaps, I didn’t even see that comment right above saying that he was locked up in Snohomish. Well, in any case, they let him out (or he escaped) and he’s still in the area when he’s wanted in California so hopefully this info helps out.

  • Well his release didn’t work out well for me. After his release from Snohomish he stole MY vehicle and fled the state. He’s been found…again and is currently in Towner, ND (was on his way back to MI). Clearly CA isn’t too interested in getting him back as they seem to have had multiple opportunities. Please let this be a reminder that if you see someone who is being sought after by authorities please, please, please report them. As nice as they may seem don’t ignore the fact that they are criminals and will do harm to others.

  • He is currently in prison in North Dakota. I can’t find many details about what exactly happened, but he has been there awhile and his charge is theft.

  • He is now currently incarcerated in MICHIGAN.

    Reading these above threads brings memories. He is a generally a nice person. He obviously has a drinking problem from the 4LOKO. However, alcohol and drugs will tarnish your thinking and your reasoning. He doesnt hurt people when he is clean and sober, and he doesnt use dangerous behavior while sober either. He is in need of help, I know this. I am glad that he didnt hurt any of you that have posted, except your feelings, stealing what was yours. Jessie (his “girlfriend” if you call her that is no good for him at all. He was doing better before he met her and he has been attached to her mind fuckery. I just found out where he was. with that being said I am assuming that he has been tucked in jail for quite sometime. You all are safe now.

    • I’m assuming Bébé is Kelsey, and he absolutely is a danger, even when sober. I know this first hand. He is a manipulative sociopath.

  • I apologise for the fucked up things I’ve done and at the same time I find some of the obsurd extras that have been added to my name humorous. I did not steal from community cornerstone. Not a car not a safe not anything. Definitely never stole a gun. I did purchase a stolen truck from a person in Seattle whom I believed was Katrina Ferguson and on my way back to Michigan I did get arrested in North Dakota in that vehicle. Sorry again Katrina I did read what you wrote and I’m sorry that you were burdened I truly am. Fall City Floater your welcome. Bebe thank you. [edit] I did time for the crimes I actually committed and I hope that the people that I have wronged can move past the past. I hope that the ones who twist truth and spew poison stop feeding off of hate because those who have come to hate only betray themselfs. I lose no sleep at night I’ve been held accountable for the crimes I actually committed as I said previously. Enjoy your lives or continue to add your energy to mine. Either way I wish you all the best even Lee Jessie’s mom and sister even you Sondra Carr and you “Green leaf”.

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